R2-D2 Baby Hat Softer Than Your Average Droid
An R2-D2 Baby Hat made with yarn that’s 30% milk protein and 70% cotton is softer than your average handmade baby gear, but it’s 100% knit with love. [Image shared by Amazon]
Role models in the Star Wars Galaxy are nearly as countless as snowflakes on Hoth, and as a Star Wars-loving parent, you want to make sure that your offspring looks up to the right ones.

You probably don’t want them growing up to make the same poor decisions that led Anakin Skywalker toward the Dark Side of The Force to become the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader. And maybe you don’t even want them to look up to Luke Skywalker on account of the whole patricide thing (which might get brought up the first time you have to ground them for un-Jedilike behavior).

Why not R2-D2? He’s loyal to his friends and heroic in the face of danger — even when his chatterbox protocol droid pal keeps telling him the odds he’s up against. Sure, sometimes he sasses back to authority, but a reasonable amount of healthy dissent is part of the growing up process.

This handmade R2-D2 Baby Hat is made from a yarn composed of 30% milk protein and 70% cotton, which is 100% soft and comfortable on your wee darling’s impressionable little noggin. Beep beep chirp whirrrr!

This Handmade R2-D2 Baby Hat Can Only Make Your Kid Cuter

“Oh, my! Isn’t she or he just the cutest thing?” While you and I know that this is the typical statement we’re expected to make when we see the new offspring of a family member, friend, or colleague, in all honesty we all know that not all babies are pretty. In fact, some of them are so wrinkled and odd looking that they could easily take up residence in a swamp and teach Jedi the ropes without anyone blinking.

So what can you do if you know someone with a less-than-photogenic bubala? The answer is simple: find out what the parents are into and buy a gift that will draw attention away from the baby, of course! Everybody loves Star Wars, so might I suggest, for instance, a handmade R2-D2 Baby Hat?

I got one of these for my niece (for the record: not an ugly baby) and she loves it. Well, her parents love it. She may be facing ridicule now that she’s been posted to YouTube and could go viral. Such is childhood in the 21st century.

Get your own handmade R2-D2 Baby Hat today!