Prescription Coffee Mug is Your Morning Medication
Do you rely on a daily dose of coffee to keep the gears in your head turning when old-fashioned sleep just isn’t doing the job? This Prescription Coffee Mug makes your self-medication seem all the more legitimate! [Image shared by Amazon]
Is the best part of waking up… [enter favorite brand of coffee here] in your cup? On those mornings when you just can’t afford the spare minutes that a snooze alarm can offer, it’s a sleep substitute that many of us imbibe on a daily basis.

It’s almost like taking prescription medicine to alleviate what ails you, isn’t it?

Here’s a Prescription Coffee Mug that makes your self-medication seem all the more legitimate. Actually, it’s not technically self-medication when it’s officially been signed off by physician “Dr. Harold Feelgood.” I haven’t been to his office or seen his framed degree in person, but I’m sure it all checks out. Nobody ever fudges their credentials for the sake of a few cheap laughs, right?

Prescription Coffee Mug Dispenses the Dose You Don’t Mind Taking

As I get older, I find that my stash of prescription pills has grown from one bottle to two — until now there are as many as a dozen different pills I am supposed to remember to take in different quantities, at different times throughout the day! However, none of these pills seem to help me recover the energy that I had when I was younger. The only thing that does seem to rejuvenate me during my day is my daily dose of caffeine. Yes, I know we don’t often think of caffeine as a drug, but technically that is just what it is.

So it seems altogether appropriate that a Prescription Coffee Mug would serve as a humorous reminder of this fact, doesn’t it? Fashioned after the ubiquitous pill bottle so typical in modern American medicine cabinets, this could fit on the shelf — right there among the general assortment!

The label even instructs you on the proper dosage and lets you know how many refills are covered by prescription. The expiration date of “when mug is empty” is also helpful in determining if what’s in front of you is enough of a fix.

This unusual, 12-ounce mug is safe for the dishwasher and microwave. It comes in an attractive gift box if you intend to “prescribe” it to a fellow coffee addict, but no one will blame you if you prefer to keep this medicine all to yourself.

Get your own Prescription Coffee Mug today!