Despicable Me Dave Talking Action Figure is Flatulently Fun
The Despicable Me Dave Talking Action Figure will provide you with hours of fun as he spouts out 55 different noises (including the fart, which should appeal to your inner 12-year-old). [Image shared by Amazon]
While many superheroes do their work solo, it’s hard to be a respectable supervillain without the assistance of henchmen or — in the case of Gru from the Despicable Me series — minions. Dave, Tim, and Stuart are among these minions who, from time to time, steal the show. While they’re all represented in the toy world, I’m going to focus on the one who immediately caught my attention — and maybe, admittedly, not for the most mature reasons. The Dave Talking Action Figure is super soft and makes 55 different sounds. One of these sounds is farting.

See what I mean? I’m not proud, but I am amused!

The Dave Talking Action Figure Includes Banana Mode

Let’s face it: farting is a boy thing. Girls don’t fart, right? At least that’s what I’ve always been told. It’s completely understandable when you examine our biological origins from snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails. Females come from sugar and spice and everything nice, so if one does happen to let one loose, the worst that could happen is a waft akin to the smell of cinnamon buns baking in an oven.

Boy farts, though? Yucko. Repulsive. Grody to the max. And Dave is a boy through and through. Luckily, his farts are purely audible and completely scentless. It’s one of the perks of being an animated minion, I imagine.

Here’s what else the Dave Talking Action Figure has to offer:

  • Pressing different parts of Dave’s body will produce different sounds.
  • In Banana Mode, you can press the back of Dave’s tongue and he will think you are feeding him.
  • You can change Dave’s expressions by moving his head.
  • Dave includes two AA batteries.
  • Dave is 8″ tall.
  • Dave is delightfully soft!

Even if you are not a huge fan of flatulence sounds or humor, Dave has so much more to offer. Won’t you consider giving the Dave Talking Action Figure a warm and safe home with your family today?