Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade Makes Cars Pixar Fun
The Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade not only makes your car look Pixar-cool, but it’s designed to keep the temperature inside of it cool, as well. [Image shared by Amazon]
Ever wanted to anthropomorphize your own automobile like the ones from Pixar’s Cars movies, but you didn’t want to spend countless paychecks on the detailing (or your significant other won’t let you)? The Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade will do the trick — on the cheap and temporarily enough to maintain peace in the household. An added bonus: it’ll keep your car’s interior cool when the sun’s rays beam down and you can’t find a shady place to park.

Those of us who live in the Midwest or on the East Coast may find it hard to believe that the sun hasn’t forsaken us, altogether. This winter’s been particularly brutal, and in spite of it being late March, it’s not quite over yet. We’re crossing our fingers that the April showers — meant to bring May flowers — won’t be April snowfall. And whether we actually get a spring or not, summer always arrives to blast us with heat whether we’re ready for it or not.

Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade Keeps Cars Pixar Cool

We endure certain rituals in the winter to make our beloved cars suitable for human comfort — like letting them warm up for half an hour before freezing our buns off on frigid seats. And when summer comes, we endure other rituals to ensure that those same seats won’t burn our buns after being cooked in direct sunlight.

Parking in the shade of a tree can help, but then we have to deal with the leaves, sap, and bird droppings that rain down from its lofty branches over the course of the day to dirty a once-spotless vehicle. Another — and I would say better — solution is to get some kind of barrier to place inside your car’s windshield (and perhaps rear window) to chase the sun away.

The Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade does the trick quite nicely while making your car look like the star of the Pixar Cars movies!

Not only will your seats stay cool, but your steering wheel won’t burn your hands like that time you tried to take biscuits out of the stove without an oven mitt.

At 51″ wide by 27.5″ high, the Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade should fit most cars perfectly, but I would highly recommend that you measure your windshield before ordering.

Measured up and ready to help your car face the summer sun in Pixar Cars style? Get your own Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade today!