Pac-Man Cookie Cutter Set Keeps Pac-Man Fever at Bay
If Pac-Man Fever has ever driven you crazy, doctors suggest that the best remedy is cookies made with the Pac-Man Cookie Cutter set. [Image shared by Amazon]
In the ’80s, the nation (if not the world) was seized in the grips of a widespread condition never before diagnosed by medical science. Recognized at the United States Centers for Disease Control as “Pac-Man Fever,” its primary symptoms included finger calluses, sore shoulders, loss of quarters, and, in its final stages, complete insanity. This insanity was accompanied by hallucinations whereby the terrified subject was convinced that he or she was being chased by the spirits of the deceased.

Periodically, administration of medication would allow the subject to conquer their fear of these “ghosts” and, in turn, mentally chase them in retaliation. In very extreme cases, the subject would imagine him/herself devouring these spectral adversaries with cannibalistic glee, as chillingly expressed by one Buckner A. Garcia:

“I’m gonna eat ’em all up just as soon as they turn blue.”

Thankfully, the Pac Man Fever epidemic disappeared almost as quickly and mysteriously as it arrived. But like all things ’80s, there seems to be an inexplicable resurgence in nostalgia for the fashions, music, movies, and pastimes of the Reagan era — even among people who weren’t even alive then. Like neon colors, John Hughes movies, the Cold War, and a fascination with Boy George, Pac-Man Fever seems to be making a comeback. (That, or it’s the misguided belief by some that vaccinations turn children autistic because they read it on the Internet.)

Pac-Man Cookie Cutter Set Keeps Pac-Man Fever at Bay

If you’d like to send this potential Pac-Man Fever pandemic back to Pandora’s box, doctors recommend a prescription of no less than a dozen cookies made with the Pac-Man Cookie Cutter set. Redeeming features of this lifesaving paraphernalia:

  • Pack of four cookie cutter shapes include one Pac-Man and three ghosts (Shadow/Blinky, Speedy/Pinky, Bashful/Inky, Pokey/Clyde).
  • Cookie cutters each measure 2.5″ x 2.5″.
  • They’re easy to clean.

Really, what more could you want from a cookie cutter set? If you’re ready to dip your oven mitts in the nostalgia of a time when there was a video game arcade on every corner and a Michael Jackson song on every jukebox, then get yourself a Pac-Man Cookie Cutter set today!