What better way to learn your ABCs than by having a beautifully illustrated Star Wars alphabet to help? When Baby Pirillo appears, he or she will totally be learning all about Star Wars, and maybe even the alphabet, with the assistance of this project.

A is for Ackbar is a collaborative effort by Brandon and his wife Emma. While she was pregnant with their first child, they wanted to come up with an artistic way to decorate their son’s nursery. Being huge Star Wars fans and artists, they came up with something pretty unique. Thus, A is for Ackbar was born.

Brandon sketched the artwork and Emma colored them in using Illustrator. This team effort turned into something that neither ever expected. They even held a “donation drive” to help kickstart their son’s college education fund; they were so overwhelmed by demand that they had to close down the drive a little early — well ahead of their goal.

While they have no plans to officially release A is for Ackbar as a book (unless Disney expresses official interest, hint, hint), you and your youngsters can enjoy the artwork at the site and maybe learn a little something, too.

Don’t worry. It’s not a trap!