Samsung Galaxy S5 Comes to StaplesYes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Curiosity killed the cat. But you’re not a cat, are you? You’re a human being! Or, if you’re reading this, I suppose you could be a really smart cat.

In any case, have you been curious about trying out the Samsung Galaxy S5? The nice thing about your curiosity is that it won’t cost you very much at all. In fact, it’s now available at Staples stores for just $199! And if you sign a two-year contract for a Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4, you’ll get an instant 50 smackeroos off for trading in your old smartphone (as long as it still works; you’re upgrading, not trying to pull a fast one).

Find a better price elsewhere? Not likely, but Staples will match any competitor’s price (even if it’s Amazon). And if you’re a Staples Rewards customer, you get 5% back.

Now that we’ve covered the thrifty aspect of your wisest decision today (to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 at Staples, obviously, though the delicious pancake you had for breakfast comes in at a close second), let’s look at what this smartphone does better than the one you’ve already got. (Even if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4 — not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

It’s got faster Wi-Fi. Its cameras (a 16 MP main and 2 MP front-facing) have high-dynamic-range (it’s okay to say HDR) and selective focus upgrades. You only need to touch the phone to unlock it, and you can swipe it to make secure PayPal payments. There’s even a built-in heart rate sensor so you can get rid of whatever other fitness tracker you’ve been lugging around lately.

Stop by any of Staples’ 1,000 locations to check your mobile upgrade eligibility and pick up a Samsung Galaxy S5 (through Verizon or AT&T). Hey, Staples will even throw in a $5 coupon — use it toward a case, screen protector, charger, or dock for your new-fangled smartphone, if you like!