Rave Gloves Light up Your Life
We’re not even sure if the kids are still having raves these days, but these so-called Rave Gloves make your fingertips light up — just like E.T.! [Image shared by Geek Gift Guide]
Whoah! Rave Gloves, you say? I thought my brain was making your fingers light up like that! Heavy…

One of the perks of living in the 21st century is that we can use the power of inexpensive technology to produce special effects in our everyday lives in a way that would have gotten us executed — or at least tortured and disfigured horribly — as sorcerers and witches just a few hundred years ago.

In Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, the hero, a time traveling engineer from relatively modern times, matches wits with the mighty wizard Merlin in 6th century Britain. The fact is, they’re both charlatans and able to convince the superstitious populace that they wield great mystic power, but our hero has a few handy weapons up his sleeve that Merlin lacks: the application of 19th century science to 6th century problems, the foresight of a solar eclipse, and the luck of said eclipse coinciding with his execution (for being a witch! See? Told you so) and being able to claim that he was its cause.

Sure, the Connecticut Yankee out-Merlined Merlin, but you know what would have really sealed the deal? A pair of Rave Gloves to punctuate his supernatural superpowers and wow noble and peasant, alike, with a visible display of his command over the elements!

Rave Gloves, Wizard Fingers, or E.T. Digits? You Decide!

If you’re a dancer in the dark, a spell-flinging warlock, or a stranded space alien who lets his glowing fingers reach out and touch someone while waiting for his call home to go through, you probably have some sort of use for these Rave Gloves.

Each fingertip is packed with three colors of LED lights that can be set for a quick flash, a slow flash, or steady glow. They can run for about eight hours on replaceable batteries and be seen from half a mile away — provided, of course, that fog machines haven’t obscured the line of sight.

Whatever you want to call them, you can pick up your own Rave Gloves in time for Independence Day, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or even your next rave. If you even do that sort of thing, anymore. Happy Glow Week!