LED Flashing Jelly Ring Dresses up Your Fingers
The LED Flashing Jelly Ring is like a disco for your digits. This package gives you one for every 24 of your fingers and toes and… hey, now! Maybe just dole out the extras to your friends or the neighborhood kids instead of trying to wear them all by yourself. [Image shared by Amazon]
Do your friends ever tell you that you should try and be more flamboyant when going out for a night on the town? If dressing up like a grandparent 40 years before your time feels like a natural way to hit the clubs, maybe you should try and add a little pizzaz to your ensemble. For example, an LED Flashing Jelly Ring could be just the inexpensive accoutrement to tie together your old world style with new world ambience.

Worried that just one ring won’t be enough to do the trick? That’s okay. This one comes in a box in 24 variations — surely you can mix and match them for optimal results?

Whatever you don’t use can be given away to people you like. Maybe you and your friends could start the world’s first LED Flashing Jelly Ring crimefighting gang and show the ne’er-do-wells of your neighborhood what’s what. Or maybe you could give ’em out to the neighborhood kids for Halloween when they come around to trick or treat.

It Must Be an LED Flashing Jelly Ring (‘Cause an LED Flashing Jam Ring Don’t Shake like That)

The LED Flashing Jelly Ring is a bold product that you can wear proudly on your favorite finger. Sure, you can take it out in broad daylight, but it’s obviously most alluring when lighting up the night (or just a poorly windowed room).

You get a total of 24 — each with its own battery — so you can pick which LED Flashing Jelly Ring most suits your mood before giving the rest away (or selfishly hoarding them to yourself — no judgment from me).

Here’s some more information about these cheery little beacons of fun:

  • The rings are stretchy and composed of a jelly-like material.
  • Activation is simple: a ring will start to flash with a simple press.
  • Deactivation is equally simple: just press the ring again.
  • The 24 rings included in the package come in a variety of colors.

There are not many things in life that will grab people’s attention like the LED Flashing Jelly Ring. Except for meteors raining down on a village of frightened citizens, perhaps. Or 30-foot alligators terrorizing the sewers. Or UFOs flying in formation over major metropolitan areas. Or celebrity ghosts haunting old filming locations. Or a popular song from the past five years that doesn’t incorporate autotuning. Or… well, okay. You get the idea. There are a few things that might overwhelm the senses of a casual observer more than your LED Flashing Jelly Ring, but for the price of admission, you’re still coming out way ahead in the “hey, look at me!” department.

Maybe that special someone from across the room might come over to ask how they might also acquire such a flashy piece of jewelry for themselves…

Ready to make an impression? Get your own package of 24 LED Flashing Jelly Rings today! Happy Glow Week!