Wearing a Light Up EL Wire Hat (the EL stands for Electroluminescent) with a Light Up Tie might indicate that you’re the brightest bulb at the rave or you’re too cool for school. Just remember that bulbs eventually need to be changed and nobody ever missed out on getting a good job because they had a diploma. Like the Light Up Tie, the Light Up EL Wire Hat comes in many colors. You could mix and match, but that might be seen as a little tacky.

Light Up EL Wire Hat Heavy on Chutzpah
[Image: Electric Styles]

Remember, if you’re walking home from the party the next morning and you find the glow from that giant fireball above your head (scientists call it “The Sun”) to be unbearable to your peepers, understand that you can turn your hat around so that the brim forms a barrier between your eyes and this brightly lit orb of hotness. Don’t be this guy.