Superman Hooded Bath Towel -- Because Your Kid is Superhuman
This Superman Hooded Bath Towel is like kryptonite to bath haters. [Image shared by Amazon]
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s your tiny human jumping off the couch in this Superman Hooded Bath Towel! Their graceful arc makes you forget to chide them for their acrobatic antics.

This 100% cotton towel is more than just a mere way to dry your newly cleaned and sparking children. A Superman Hooded Bath Towel is a tool of imagination and wonder worth more than just its utilitarian function. It turns the everyday into a time of daring deeds and the everyplace into a landscape fit for heroism. While this alone will probably not convert the most stubborn bathtime hater into an enthusiast, it will weaken his or her resolve. Like kryptonite to the Man of Steel, something as cool as this towel is hard to pass up even when bathing is involved.

Sorry, the Superman Hooded Bath Towel Does Not Come in Adult Sizes

The poncho style of this towel is also a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with a child’s love of nakedness. Before we learn to be ashamed of our form, we revel in the freedom that nakedness provides. This can be a little awkward though when non-family members are present in the house. The Superman Hooded Bath Towel is a great way to diffuse any situations before they arise. It covers and dries the front and back of your little Kal El at the same time. Half the drying time means more time to run around the house pretending to fly faster than a speeding bullet. It also means more time to perfect the iconic coifs of both Superman and Clark Kent. The Superman Hooded Bath Towel lets kids be what we have always known they are: just a little bit more special than the rest of us.

Get your own Superman Hooded Bath Towel here! Let your youngster celebrate Towel Week like the rest of us!