Transformers Season One DVD Set Beats Bay Any Day
Transformers Season One is nostalgia so strong that even Bjork cannot resist. [Image shared by Amazon]
Before Bjork ever sang about cars being asleep inside mountains, Transformers Season One began airing and set a course that has ultimately led to this weekend’s blockbuster release of Extinction. Regardless of your opinion of the Transformers movies (I happen to believe that Michael Bay and Joel Schumacher have a special place in the exclusive 88th Pit of Hell waiting for them), the cultural influence of Transformers cannot be denied.

This Transformers Season One DVD set allows you to go back to where it all began. It is the 25th anniversary edition, which means both the animation and sound quality have been cleaned up. There are even old PSAs and commercials included on the disks. For any child of the ’80s, this is a guaranteed reminder of the days when we still played outside and thought semi-trucks were the height of coolness.

Transformers Season One Rolls out Red Carpet for Nostalgia

Does anyone else remember the intro as being a little more rockin’? Maybe the cleaned up audio version on the Transformers Season One set has more of the kick I remember. Rocking or not, it still takes me back. All the way back to before Megan Fox was a thing, before we started rifling through ’80s pop culture for remake material (Karate Kid remake, I am talking to you here, you disgusting beast), and before even the Dinobots.

These were simpler times. In our idealized hindsight, these were happier times, as well. The fun of nostalgia is getting to remember parts of your life the way they should have gone, not necessarily the way they went. For most fans past the age of 14, this DVD set is far more deserving of your money than the soon-to-open film. Instead of trying to recreate the magic, go back to where it began with Transformers Season One.

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For anyone doubting that Bjork is a fan of ’80s animation: