Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should OwnThe geek community isn’t exactly widely known for spending much time in the kitchen. In fact, the stereotypical geek only goes to the kitchen to grab a Mountain Dew and some Cheetos before retreating back into their cave to continue their marathon of mayhem in their MMO of choice.

The reality is that geeks are about as diverse as any other cultural group. There are beer geeks, gaming geeks, Apple geeks, and even cooking geeks. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the massive amount of kitchen gadgets available on infomercials and eBay.

Either way, there’s no reason our kitchens shouldn’t be fitted out with the latest and greatest gadgets. After all, if cooking is a science, shouldn’t we geeks consider the kitchen to be our own personal laboratory?

Here are five kitchen gadgets that every geek should own.