Five Things That You Should Buy UsedIf you’re like me, you’re probably a sucker for a deal. I love saving money so much that I happily carry the title of Frugal Geek with me in both my professional and personal life. One of the secrets to being a frugal geek is knowing exactly when and how to save money on the technology you love. Sometimes, this means buying things secondhand.

While not everything is a great deal in a used capacity, you can save a lot of money without suffering through the headache of product quality and/or life. Let’s face it, some products just don’t carry the same luster and magic that they do when they’re brand new out of the package for the first time. There are, however, a bunch of great products out there that hold up remarkably well over time.

In fact, some items build character as they age. This is one of the reasons so many antique stores are still doing pretty well. Wooden furniture, though not in this tech-influenced list, is perhaps one of the best examples of potentially excellent values when purchased used. An antique chair, table, or desk increases in value with age and can last for generations past the home assembly kits sold in budget furniture stores today.

Here are five things that you should buy used.