Five Everyday Products Made Possible by NASANASA has accomplished a lot since its founding 53 years ago in July of 1958. In addition to sending humans to the Moon, NASA has also been behind some of the biggest technological breakthroughs of our time. Many of these advances can be found in products we use as part of our daily lives.

For the most part, these discoveries were made solving problems astronauts would face while exploring space. Weather instruments, scratch-resistant glass, and other tools needed to be perfected in order to be reliable when lives depend on it. Many of these inventions seem fairly simple, but for their time they were marvels of technology.

Through a mandate from Congress since its founding, NASA has been licensing its technologies to the private sector since its initial launch in the late 1950s.

Here are five everyday products made possible by NASA (and a few that aren’t, in spite of everyone thinking they are)!