Even if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, chances are pretty good that you’ve got someone on your holiday (or birthday) gift list who is. It only took about 50 years for the British sci-fi standby to finally catch on beyond its longtime cult status in the United States, but it definitely seems here to stay. In short: don’t expect your beloved Whovian — that’s a commonly accepted term for a Doctor Who fan — to give up on the greatest story of a time-traveling alien ever chronicled on the television screen as if it were some kind of passing fad. No, once a Whovian, you’re pretty much always a Whovian.

Here are five of the coolest Doctor Who gifts that we’ve come across in our travels through time and space this year. Sure, I could have written one of these for next year, too, but I’m not here to ruin any surprises. Or, as a Whovian might say knowingly, “no spoilers!”

K-9 Ornament

K-9 OrnamentAppearing only briefly in the modern iteration of Doctor Who, K-9 was a robot dog who mostly traveled with The Doctor during his fourth incarnation (as played by Tom Baker) in the ’70s. If you’re familiar with him, you either love him or loathe him — there’s hardly any room in the middle ground when it comes to K-9.

If you fall into the camp that loves this little silver scamp, then it’s not out of bounds to think that you might like to decorate your holiday foliage with an ornamental facsimile of Professor Marius’ most famous and well-traveled creation.

Get your own K-9 Ornament here!

TARDIS Cookie Jar

TARDIS Cookie JarSure, that dual-hearted rascal from Gallifrey — the one known far and wide simply as “The Doctor” — is only the most famous face on the Jelly Baby circuit, but did you know that he’s also got a sweet tooth for delicious, freshly baked cookies? It only makes sense; how else could you explain his need for a TARDIS Cookie Jar?

Come to think of it, could you even fill up a TARDIS Cookie Jar? Is it, as Earthling Clara Oswin Oswald once remarked, “smaller on the outside?”

Get your own TARDIS Cookie Jar here!

Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

Sonic Screwdriver Remote ControlAre you a 100% certified Whovian? Are you looking for an out-of-this-world universal remote control that lets you tune in to your favorite show in true Time Lord style?

Your 100% certified Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control fits the bill and changes your channels, but it won’t actually tighten your screws. Not only will it control your TV, but also any other electronic device that uses the same IR frequency. This means that you can control your satellite or cable boxes right from the comfort of your couch or arm chair while watching your favorite Doctor Who episodes.

Get your own Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control here!

TARDIS Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt

TARDIS Ugly Holiday SweatshirtDuring the upcoming holidays, you’ll probably get invited to at least one of the omnipresent “ugly sweater” parties that your friends or coworkers will inevitably be throwing. And, sure, you could do what everybody else does and go peruse the thrift stores and garage sales of your fine city to find something truly hideous for displaying on your shameless torso… or you could go another way.

You could get a Doctor Who TARDIS Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt and show ’em that your good taste won’t be subverted by their silly traditions! You’re following in the footsteps of another famous nonconformist from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous…

Get your own TARDIS Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt here!

Dalek Mr. Potato Head

Dalek Mr. Potato HeadAt a modest seven inches tall, it’s hard to believe that the Dalek Mr. Potato Head is a rampant “extermitater” that sends even the nearly omnipotent Tuber Lords into a panic.

Do you want Galli-fries with that?

Get your own Dalek Mr. Potato Head here!

Bonus: Tumbling TARDIS Tower

Bonus: Tumbling TARDIS TowerNavigating accurately through the space-time continuum demands a certain level of precision that eludes most sentient beings — but maybe you’re among them? Think you have what it takes to pilot a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)?

The Doctor Who Tumbling TARDIS Tower is one way the Time Lords of Gallifrey test their brightest pupils for the journeys ahead. If you can strategically stack these 36 blocks — each printed with images of The Doctor’s own TARDIS — without it tumbling down on your move, then you win!

Get your own Tumbling TARDIS Tower here!

If we’ve managed to pique your curiosity even a little bit about what this Doctor Who phenomenon is all about, we’ve written up a guide for How to Get Started with Doctor Who so you’re not left in the darkness of a Dalek-exterminated universe any longer.

Whatever the heck that means, right? Don’t worry. You’ll know soon enough.