Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re like some people, you already did your holiday shopping back in July and had everything wrapped and under your tree / bush / pole / festive foliage of choice by Halloween. If you’re like me, however, you’re still trying to get it all together — and might be doing so up until the night before your presents are to be… presented. Maybe this last-minute gift getting has become as predictable as the rest of your holiday pageantry to the point that it’s almost a tradition of its own.

It’s not always your fault. Some people still haven’t given you their wish lists — even though you’ve been asking them every week since St. Patrick’s Day. And sometimes it’s totally your fault. (You know who you are!) Don’t give up hope, though! No matter who’s to blame for the resulting last-minute shopping scramble, nobody really has to suffer thanks to the Staples mission to ensure that you endure less stress this holiday season.

Since the ’80s, Staples has specialized in being the place to find the office supplies and tech gadgetry that can’t be found anywhere else — for a bargain, to boot. So the folks there know a thing or two about providing holiday shoppers with exactly what they need to stuff those stockings and fill those shiny, ribboned boxes with loot appropriate for their merry recipients.

In case you’ve been off snorkeling in Borneo or trying to track down the secret wish lists of your most elusive friends and relations, here’s a roundup of what we’ve covered over the past few weeks that might give you some clarity while filling in the gaps on your shopping checklist. Everybody can use a little tech in their lives — even if they, themselves, don’t know it!

Tech Shopping 101 with Staples Connect and Tablets

Here are a few ways that Staples wirelessly helps transform today into the future that we’ve always wanted.

Tech Round-up: Stocking Stuffers

If someone really wants to sock it to me, they’ll stuff my stocking with little bits of tech. Or shiny things. (Or shiny tech, which trumps all!) For instance, stocking stuffers like these!

Black Friday Wearable Tech Deals

Black Friday 2014 was way more exciting than, for instance, Black Friday 1914; according to my great great grandfather’s journal, the only tech items they had to look forward to were non-reflective boot polish and wind-up buggy whips. It’s better now.

Tech Trends for Holiday 2014: Streaming

Going into the 2014 holiday season, we’ve got more options for how we receive streaming content than we’ve ever had before. Let’s look at three of the top contenders in the streaming media arena today.

Savoring Sound in 21st Century Style

In the 21st century, we’ve got an overwhelming number of options whenever — and wherever — we want to enjoy our audio indulgences. In private or out loud, here are some of our favorites.