Thought Black Friday was the best day to grab the hottest deals of this year’s holiday season? You may want to think again. For many retailers, including small and big box stores, the days and weeks following the holidays can bring the biggest deals, saving you up to hundreds of dollars at the register. If you’re shopping for yourself, or even for items you don’t necessarily need before the holidays, consider waiting until after the new year for some super savings on these five items.


Self-Gift Guide: Five Things to Buy After the HolidaysChocolate and candy are a few of some of the most popular items specific to holiday seasons. Box stores and even grocery outlets devote entire sections of stores just to holiday specific candy — especially during holidays when candy is a prime gift, such as Christmas (as well as Halloween and Valentine’s Day). If you’re stocking up on the sweet stuff for yourself, consider hitting the stores the days and weeks following the holiday to save at least half off on holiday candy, as well as other seasonal related items. This isn’t a secret (I have a long standing tradition of visiting Target the day after Halloween to make a run on the leftover candy), so be sure you visit retailers as soon as you can after the holiday.

Stores usually knock prices off of candy, as well as other holiday specific items (such as themed decor and gift wrap) up to 50% the day after the holiday. You can also usually find a 75% savings as soon as three days after the holiday and 90% off of holiday items, including chocolate and candy, as soon as a week after the holiday — that is, if anything is left on the shelves by then.


Self-Gift Guide: Five Things to Buy After the HolidaysMy favorite Black Friday tradition is not to hit the stores at 2 a.m. for seriously slashed prices on electronics, but on necessities like linens and towels. For those who would rather enjoy tryptophan induced sleep in warm, cozy beds, the next bedtime to get great deals on linens is after the holidays. Most stores hold “white sales” in January, which can offer discounts on linens and other home essentials of up to 75%, which encourages shoppers to stock up on towels and bedding. The tradition began in 1878 when Philadelphia’s John Wanamaker discounted all the white linens in his department store.

Many of these same items go on sale again in August when college students are shopping for dorm room essentials, and Target also tends to offer bedding, as well as placements and cloth napkins, on clearance every February.

TVs (and Other Electronics)

Self-Gift Guide: Five Things to Buy After the HolidaysIf you didn’t stand in line for an HD TV discounted 90% on Black Friday, have no fear; your chance to grab a television or other electronics at equally great prices is just around the corner. Many stores discount televisions the weeks prior to Super Bowl, not only to entice consumers to upgrade, but also as a result of manufacturers refreshing their line after announcing new models at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is held in early January every year in Las Vegas.

After CES, consumers can expect the prices of older models to drop significantly to clear out room for the new models.


Self-Gift Guide: Five Things to Buy After the HolidaysEveryone loves making New Year’s resolutions, and many often include intentions to redesign and remodel living spaces. If you’re thinking about refurnishing, consider shopping right after the holidays — and not before. You’re likely beginning to hear mattress commercials offering deep discounts for “this year’s models,” and like with consumer electronics, furniture companies need to make room for next year’s new models.

The new styles hit the showroom floor in the beginning of the year, so the last year’s models will be severely discounted. (August is another time furniture stores also refresh.) If you’re looking to remodel your home or apartment, consider waiting to give yourself this gift until after the holidays.


Self-Gift Guide: Five Things to Buy After the Holidays
If you have kids, you definitely don’t want to tell them Santa couldn’t make it for Christmas this year. However, if you can find a sneaky way to delay the delivery of some toys until after the holidays, many toys are often discounted immediately after Christmas, since the demand severely dies down. According to CNN, August is another promising month, according to Sheliah Gilliland, a spokeswoman for CNN explains that, according to Gilliland, summer toys, like swimming pools and playground equipment, take up a lot of space and retailers are willing to let some things go for up to 65% off to make way for the holiday rush.

If you have a safe and secret place to hide gifts throughout the year, shopping for toys off season can save you money during the actual holiday season.

Are you waiting to buy anything until after the holidays? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.