This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

The job you see me doing a lot of the time takes place in the privacy of my workshop. And because there’s a camera there, I invite you to see what I’m up to — most of the time. But once in a while I need to be shrouded in secrecy from the prying eyes that seek a peek at what’s on my computer screen. Sure, that’s pretty much Diana, Wicket, Pixie, and now Jedi when I’m trying to buy them Christmas presents online, but I don’t count out ninjas who might be lurking in the shadows or nanorobots programmed to visually spy on how I’m using the Internet (mostly perusing Darth Vader-related eBay auctions, if you must know).

And when I’m on the road with one of my portable computers, I definitely don’t invite the curious strangers at the coffee shop, airport, or food court to see what I’m up to — yet there they are, craning their necks for a better look. It’s almost like their parents never told them that it’s rude to look over people’s shoulders when they’re reading!

Okay. I’ll admit that I’ve probably looked at the screens of others in public places without even realizing it (don’t tell my mom!). Sure, I’m not selling the information that I might stumble upon to mobsters or anything, but you don’t know that! What if there were a way to obscure your computer screen from the unwanted attention of others (like me!) while simultaneously being able to see it, yourself? The folks at 3M have devised just the technology to make this seeming impossibility… possible with 3M ePrivacy Filter Software and the physical 3M Privacy Filter.

Using your computer’s webcam, the software uses facial recognition to determine if the people it sees are you or… not you. You get a pass to see the screen from where you’re sitting, and you’re alerted to the presence of anyone approaching from behind who doesn’t happen to be you. 3M ePrivacy Filter Software will also blur the contents of your screen when you step away from your computer, and then resume clarity when your webcam detects that you’ve returned. Not so helpful if you’ve got an evil twin, I suppose, but the rest of us can rest assured that purposeful, would-be visual hackers and mostly innocent lookie-loos, alike, will be deterred from seeing what you’re up to.

For maximum protection, combining 3M ePrivacy Filter Software with a physical 3M Privacy Filter makes 180-degree visual privacy possible.

The software is currently only available for Windows — some version of which I’m told most people are still using these days — so if you’re interested in checking out the 3M ePrivacy Filter Software for yourself, you can download it for a free, 30-day trial here, and enter VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ as your activation code. Oh, and make sure you have a webcam, because the software can’t use The Force to monitor you and those potential intruders!

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