Made famous in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld as a holiday celebrated by George Costanza’s weird family, a “Festivus for the rest of us” is a quirky alternative to Christmas that has since taken on a life of its own. It’s a no-frills affair that eschews the pageantry of its more well-known counterpart for traditions that are a bit more — for lack of a better word — practical.

Christmas gets a tree bedecked with ornaments and lights. Festivus gets a simple metal pole (Mr. Costanza finds tinsel “distracting”).

Christmas is a time to cherish the company of family and friends. Festivus is a time to express the many ways that your family and friends have disappointed you over the past year in an “airing of grievances.”

Christmas is over when everyone’s succumbed to their post-dinner coma. Festivus is over when the head of the household is bested in combat.

Here are some of the things we discovered on this fine Festivus! Got a problem with any of ’em? Wait to air your grievances until after dinner, please.