Celebration of Life Day, I’m told, is for appreciating our children and grandchildren, but what about those of us who have gotten along so far without either? Can we include nieces and nephews, little cousins, and cool neighbor kids who don’t annoy us too much? I say yes! And what about our dogs, cats, fish, lizards, alpacas, and other non-human “kids” who hold a special place in our lives? Absolutely. Why place limits on love?

In this case, though, let’s focus on the kids. What better way to celebrate life than by stimulating the imagination with the wonders of the world around us? Most youngsters already have the curiosity thing covered; why not help them harness it along with that other youthfully abundant superpower — creativity — to understand the universe’s many mysteries and how their dreams can be realized by practical application of the grey matter?

Happy Celebration of Life Day! Here are some of our finds that commemorate the spirit of the occasion — with science and human ingenuity!: