How to Track Your Dog's Location and Activity with TaggRocky and Apollo are two very sneaky dogs. They laze about our apartment all day long and just when you think it’s safe to open the door to accept a delivery, they leap into action and dart out the door at lightning speed. The result is an impromptu jog as I chase down an Italian greyhound and a terrier bounding through the apartment complex at full pace. Are they easy to find? They could be if I had the right gadget.

Tagg is a pet tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar and can not only help you find your dog via GPS, but can also help you track their health and wellness through an integrated fitness tracker. If your dog has a tendency to escape, or needs to lose a few pounds, this could be a worthwhile gadget to look into.

Fitness Tracking

If you’re familiar with the Fitbit, then consider the Tagg to be the Fitbit for dogs. It keeps track of how much time is spent either lying around or lightly, moderately, or heavily active. Just like humans, dogs can gain weight due to inactivity which can lead to health problems and a general lack of happiness which can greatly impact their overall wellness and longevity.

By keeping tabs on just how active your dog is, you can better plan your walks and perhaps even determine whether or not your dog needs a trip to the park for a little heavy activity.

I have one dog that’s a bit on the heavy side (much like his owner) and another that’s skinny as a rail. What’s the difference between them? Genetics has a lot to do with it, but the skinny one tends to run around more while we’re out and about. He needs little encouragement to get his exercise in. Meanwhile, my chubbier pup requires a little more hands on encouragement to get up and going.

A fitness tracker like Tagg can help the dog’s owner to discover what really might be behind all that weight their dog has been gaining. There’s even a goal system in place to help you bring your dog gradually into a healthy and active lifestyle.

Location Tracking

Losing your dog is a scary thing. You immediately begin to worry whether or not you’ll ever find them, or if they might get in the way of a car or some other dangerous object. My dogs tend to bolt as far and fast as physically possible whenever they have the chance.

If your dog is a bit of a Houdini, the Tagg offers location tracking by way of GPS that will help you find them quickly. An app for Android and iOS enables you to find them while you’re out searching, so you don’t have to trust a general location you pulled up while back at home.

Another useful feature is a notification that pops up when your dog leaves the designated Tagg zone. This means if your pup hops the fence and makes a daring escape while you’re away, you can quickly respond from wherever you may be. Quick notifications are key here, and you have a much better chance of finding your dog if you know exactly when they leave the area. Coming home after a long day to an empty house/yard is a nightmare for any pet owner. Being on top of things gives you a clear advantage that could make the difference between your pet’s life or death.

Final Thoughts

For just under $100, you can keep track of your dog’s health and location with a single device. That could be a very good investment if your dog, like mine, is prone to escaping whenever the opportunity presents itself.

It may sound a little crazy at first to track your animal’s activity levels, but can you really put a value on keeping your best friend around for a few extra years?

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