Give Your Tech a Break on National Day of UnpluggingThe National Day of Unplugging isn’t about permanently renouncing all of your electronics and becoming a tech-smashing Luddite. It’s seizing the opportunity to step back and appreciate the simpler things in life that many of us take for granted.

Does your family fall into the trap of having more devices in the house than minutes spent per day in conversation with one another? Step away from the tablets and smartphones and play a board or card game! Is your nephew spending too much time indoors playing games on that state-of-the-art console you got him for Christmas? Get him outside and show him how a model rocket works!

Read a book! Go for a long drive, walk, or bike ride. Learn to draw or pick up a craft (or get back to creating cool stuff if you already know how). Solve a puzzle. Assemble a set of LEGO bricks. Stop kowtowing to your electronic overlords, human: the day is yours!

And forget what some say: if you’re reading this now, it’s not too late to observe the National Day of Unplugging! Here are some of the ways that we’ve found to do so: