Share Your Funny Computer Tech Support Stories!Everybody has crazy work stories, but this goes out specifically to the IT professionals and sys admins in our community!

You’re used to people who aren’t quite so savvy with tech asking you for help — that’s the nature of the business. After all, if everyone knew how to do what you do, you’d be out of a job. But sometimes your talents in the art of communication — rather than your technical expertise — are what get put to the real test. No matter how efficiently you can solve someone’s problem, finding out what that problem is in the first place can be like extracting molars from a rancor!

(If rancors even have molars…)

Canon has asked me to gather some of the most remarkable (this can mean weird, silly, or just downright dumb) help tickets and requests you’ve gotten from clients in the past. This is a chance for you to talk shop and compare your most outrageous stories with others in your field. Vent to us and find out if your peers have tales that make yours seem tame in comparison! Employee/employer names will be omitted to protect the clueless, of course. Sharing your experiences will give you the opportunity to win a Canon color imageCLASS MF820Cdn printer and the chance to be featured on Canon’s Get Through IT (#GetThroughIT) content hub that recently launched!

Who knows? Maybe sharing these stories will not only help you get something off your chest, but give someone facing similar circumstances a solution to their problems. After all, we’re all here to help each other, right?