Green with Envy? Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!Don’t have at least a little bit of Irish in your heritage? It’s okay! Don’t be green with envy toward those who do — everyone’s welcome to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day! Since St. Patrick himself wasn’t even Irish, don’t let anyone give you guff for raising a pint, dancing a jig, dining on foodstuffs deemed appropriate, singing a rousing drinking song, or just sitting quietly in your corner observing the potentially poor decisions of your peers — no matter if your surname’s O’Malley, Hern├índez, Panagiotopoulos, De Luca, or Kowalczyk!

Anyway, the Emerald Isle’s been populated by people for thousands of years — chances are that some of your ancestors passed through at one time or another. Here are some of the ways that we’ve found to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!: