6 Ways for Geeks to Have a BallJust because you might identify as a geek, it doesn’t mean you have to be a square.

Why not cut the corners altogether and just have a ball? In fact, here are six ways for geeks to have a ball (or balls, if you like):

Schweddy Balls

“Hello, my Gnomies! For today’s Show & Tell, I’m finally going to be putting my mouth around Schweddy Balls!”Chris Pirillo, Schweddy Balls Review

Try a pair (or more) of Schweddy Balls here!

Sphero Robotic Ball

“Home gone. Gelfling gone. Nothing but Sphero! “Chris Pirillo, Geek Gift Guide 009 – I Find Your Lack of Balls Disturbing

Have a Sphero Robotic Ball here!

Dragon Ball Z

“On this planet, we have something that we call the Dragon Balls. When all seven balls are gathered together, they have the power to grant any wish…”Piccolo, Dragon Ball Z – Gohan’s Rage

Have a Dragon Ball Z here!

USB Plasma Ball

“Consult the Book of Plasma Balls!”Chris Pirillo, Does Every Mad Scientist Need a USB Plasma Ball?

Have a USB Plasma Ball here!

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball

“It forces us to work out before we even get a chance to gobble up that bowl of chilly deliciousness!”Robert Glen Fogarty, Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball Makes You Work for Treats

Have a Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball here!

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

“…an ideal solution for this ‘human throws ball, dog brings ball back to human,’ and repeat ad infinitum situation.”Ron Schenone, Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Makes Fetch Fun for All

Have a Hyper Dog Ball Launcher here!