7 Lackluster Likeables That Look Lovely with a LabelThanks to World Label, this post is being made possible through its friendship and patronage.

If you like it, then you better put a label on it — but why should that label look like every other label you’ve leered at?

Sometimes, you need to label an item just to make sure it doesn’t get easily lost in plain sight (I’m looking at you, power adapters).

But, there are certainly situations that call for something a bit more stylish — especially if you’re proud of what you have or plan on displaying the item(s) in question.

A pre-designed label template doesn’t have to be dull, either.

If you take a moment to look around you, we bet you might be able to spy at least one thing that would look better if it had a label on it that didn’t look like every other label. Need inspiration?

  1. Pantry Containers – If you’re not removing foodstuffs from the bag upon opening, you’re possibly losing freshness faster. But, what happens if you accidentally confuse the flour with powdered sugar? Chaos! No need to dip a wet finger in to check – just label it in style since you want it to look nice.
  2. Frozen Cans – It seems that food that would otherwise spoil can be frozen. If you’re taking the time to care for what you’re freezing, why not make it look like you actually care about the products your preserving, too?
  3. Lids – What doesn’t have a lid these days? Oh, sure – folders don’t have lids (but, even then, folders would look better if your name was scrawled atop them on a lovely label – but this suggestion isn’t about folders, it’s about lids).
  4. Packages – When was the last time you sent a gift box to someone, but used that boring ol’ mailing address label that you probably got for free from a piece of junk mail? If you care enough to send someone something, why not enhance that gesture by going the extra mile (or kilometer) with a label that makes the box look just as cared for as what’s inside?
  5. Last Minute Things – Just because you forgot to get something (until it was almost too late) doesn’t mean it has to look like you totally forgot to get something for a special occasion. You’d be surprised how far a well-crafted label could go to showing the recipient of an item that you cared enough to not forget. Even though YOU know you forgot.
  6. Candles – If your home is filled with scents thanks to wax and flame, we’re guessing those candles are contained within glass. Why showcase some random brand’s label when you can more proudly place these products about your domicile with more personalized descriptors?
  7. Party Cups – It’s a great idea to get together with family and friends, but it’s a horrible idea to give them all the same cup to drink out of. Who had the red cup? Oh, everyone? The problem is easily solved in style with a label instead of a rather sloppy marker. When someone takes photos or video of your event, do you want them to cringe in horror as they gaze back upon those memories and see drink vessels that looked lame? A label could make all the difference.

Can you think of anything else? We’re sure you can.