Behold! I am about to reveal to you the secrets of how to integrate over the air (OTA) channels into your DirecTV guide using the DirecTV AM21N TV Tuner. In addition, you will be able to record these OTA channels just as if they were DirecTV channels and share them using your Genie Minis.

First, you will need to determine if you can receive OTA channels via an antenna where you live. I was fortunate to have a neighbor who had cut the cord and was receiving crystal clear OTA channels using a homemade antenna he had installed in his attic. If you don’t have a friendly neighbor receiving OTA channels, try the TV Fool to determine what channels are available where you live. I chose to purchase the RCA ANT751 Durable Compact Outdoor Antenna and installed it in my attic to protect it from the weather.

I receive local channels with my DirecTV subscription; why do I need OTA channels?

There are two reasons to consider using an antenna in addition to your satellite receiver. During bad weather, your satellite signal can be knocked off the air, while you still may be able to receive broadcasts via the antenna. This is important for those of us who live in areas of the country where foul weather can pose a definite hazard and where staying on top of the weather via TV could save your life. Next, you can take advantage of OTA channels that DirecTV does not broadcast. In my area, I am receiving eight additional local channels that DirecTV does not currently handle. These channels cover local weather, additional public TV programming, and ME TV, which broadcasts older programs from the ’60s through the ’90s. Again, the stations you will receive will depend on where you live, what is being broadcast, and how close you are to the broadcast antennas.

The directions that come with the DirecTV AM21N are easy to follow and setup is a snap. By merely connecting your OTA antenna to the AM21N and then connecting your AM21N to your DirecTV satellite box, you should be ready to go. When you turn on your DirecTV satellite box, the AM21N will turn on automatically; once you use the menu to setup the additional channels on your guide, you will be ready to watch your expanded channel lineup.

Secrets of the DirecTV over the air Tuner
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