This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sony. All opinions are 100% original and unedited.

It seems that (these days) everybody’s looking to record all the action that happens throughout the average day.

Or, in my case, all the action that I can pack into an above-average weekend. My idea of “adventure” is squeezing a tiny bit of mild hot sauce onto a piece of bland food. That’s not really action oriented, and I don’t know if people would be inclined to share in that experience through recorded video.

I look downright boring compared to some of the people I see who are grabbing life by the reins and reeling it in by way of video to expose the rest of us to a wilder lifestyle. 

Vicariously – that’s how I prefer to climb mountains, race on dirt tracks, and jump out of perfectly-functioning airplanes (though I did skydive once). I allow the bolder beings to take those risks for me – not because I’m afraid of having more action in my life, but because I don’t want to get in their way when they’re doing their thing. 

I just hope the adrenalin junkies bring along the proper equipment. You can’t very well be white water rafting down the most treacherous stretch of rapids in the universe and ask everybody to stop for a moment while you whip out your smartphone and try to take a selfie “in the moment.” I mean, you COULD do that… but I don’t think anybody would advise it.

So, to help save the day (and, quite possibly, your sanity), Sony’s begun to offer the FDR-X1000V and the HDR-AS200V action cams. Obviously, you could use these cameras for more than just capturing “action,” but their feature set(s) are optimal for those who are looking for the highest quality captures from the highest caliber experiences. 


The Exmor R CMOS Sensor powers the super high precision 4K imaging feature, leaving virtually nothing to the imagination. 720p resolution can no longer cut it for those who aren’t likely to do the same thing twice – so, when it comes time to record what’s happening, you’d be better off with the highest resolution possible by today’s standards (4K). 

Coupled with 4K video resolution comes a high bitrate – up to 100Mbps! That means lower block noise, smoother image textures, and crisper details that are as close to reality as you could possibly get without actually being there yourself. 

Oh, yes – and 170 degree ultra wide angle shooting for very impressive dynamic images. The wider the angle, the more you’re capturing. And you can’t go back and capture that same moment twice, so you’d be better off accommodating a wider field of view. This is better than many of the action cams available today. 

With Advanced SteadyShot, the camera systems are now more effective against vibrations – which is important whether you’re walking, cycling, or using a drone to scope a scene. Smoother video is better video – just ask anybody who has had to suffer through a bouncy mess that gave them motion sickness while they were sitting still in front of the safety of a computer or TV screen!

Wind noise reduction and stereo microphones are built into each of the cameras, too – so there’s no need to worry about saving a perfect video with less-than-perfect audio. 

The cameras will also stamp GPS information into each file so that you know exactly where you were (or how fast you were moving) at the moment of a recording. That could provide an editor with the data to make an outstanding video even more outstanding.

Should you worry about water, though? Not with IPX4-class “splashproofing.” I might have to get one to carry around with me in Seattle (where, in case you weren’t aware, it does sprinkle frequently enough throughout the year). Oh, man… imagine the amazing coffee-sipping shots I could get!!!

There’s a live view remote available (CX49030) to help you check or adjust the shooting angle, play back (or delete) a video file on the system. It, too, is built to be waterproof. 

No matter your needs for an action cam, Sony has something for you to use on your next trip into the great outdoors… so that people who remain in the great indoors aren’t totally left behind.