This post is sponsored by F-Secure Freedome, but opinions remain 100% independent.

You usually don’t think about needing any level of protection until it’s too late. F-Secure is a name I’ve been familiar with for a long time (as their software kept systems in the computer labs on my college campus protected from binary nasties even back in the day). I didn’t have to manage the purity for any of those terminals, but I certainly have to maintain several levels of digital security on my own turf.

Whereas it used to take an IT professional to keep tech running smoothly and securely across devices, savvy companies have enabled fantastic levels of protection without requiring the average person to push more than a button or two.

Software doesn’t have to be very difficult to use for it to be extremely powerful.

Enter Freedome: an app that allows you to remain invisible to entities that would track your experiences across the Internet, keep your wireless transmissions protected even when you choose to use untrusted, public WiFi. With it, you can even view content that would otherwise be restricted by geographical location (when I visit Canada again, I’ll still be able to access my streaming media subscriptions).

I’ve seen too many people be lulled into a false sense of security with their smartphones, not treating them as the computers they truly are. Just because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket doesn’t mean that it’s not big enough to topple your privacy (or anything else you hold dear).

If you’re not protected while you’re connected, you’re leaving yourself open to a variety of exploits that will likely not get patched until it’s too late.

And, remember, you don’t want to think about protecting yourself after it’s too late – because you won’t be able to undo the damage that could’ve been prevented if you had put something simple in place and left it there.

It’s nobody’s job but your own to protect you (especially from yourself); don’t turn to an Internet service provider to give you the tools required to remain safer. When you install Freedome, you’re effectively leveraging a VPN service backed by an Internet security company – which will filter trackers, malicious links, and online search near-invisibly.

Your privacy is a feature – and not every company believes that.

And your privacy goes with you everywhere, whether you’re using a Windows PC, Mac, and/or any given iOS or Android device. Freedome is with you cross-platform, with immediate availability and a reasonable service fee after a 2-week free trial of the full version. Of course, pricing depends on your supported country of origin and how many devices you intend on protecting.

Let me say this: how much would you pay to have prevented a personal privacy or data violation? If you ask a victim, they’d likely answer “anything.” Your privacy shouldn’t be free for the taking – and expect you’ll eventually pay the price for not doing what you could to more easily protect yourself at home or (especially) away.

Freedome is a solid starting point for the security-conscious, forward-thinking individual. It could very well save you from an a series of unknown harms you may already be inflicting upon yourself without awareness or consent.