This post is sponsored by LG. All opinions & experiences remain 100% mine.

If there’s one thing you can expect to find in the average home, it’s a television set. They’ve certainly matured over the years – long departed from the gigantic CRTs of yesteryear. Remote controls didn’t even exist when I was a kid – I was the remote control. And we only had four channels to flip between.

Believe it or not, I was still using my first HDTV up until a few weeks ago – it stood the test of time and produced a picture that rarely disappointed. I watched on the sidelines for a decade as newer TVs continued to be produced, but tech envy never drove me to upgrade.

And then OLED entered my life.

  1. It’s quite an upgrade from our 10-year old 720p plasma set, with more than just a sharper picture to boast. Everything about the LG OLED HDTV is astounding – and I haven’t even yet had a chance to try its “Smart TV” features. The difference between “old” and “new” was quite dramatic for us.
  2. With OLED, if you weren’t already aware, the blacks are truly black. The pixels don’t actually turn on, so what you see when it’s black is… black. Nothingness is everything, and it’s even more dramatic when there’s enough black on the screen with patches of white or color around it, showing no bleed-over. I expect that all desirable LED TVs will soon be OLED, as this is like looking at the future today.
  3. I’ve enjoyed more than just content on the screen, too – I have both a PS4 and an Xbox One connected to it, using them to live stream gameplay on Twitch near-daily. I sit so close to the screen that it envelops me without causing discomfort (no motion sickness). There’s even a visual mode specifically for Games (easily toggled). When I’m done playing games, I quickly shift to my regularly-scheduled programming.
  4. Usually, remote controls aren’t easy to use. This controller, however, is unique – and that’s good. Instead of having to flip around options using arrows, you simply wave the clicker (that’s what some people used to call it) around like it was a magic wand. A puffy pink cursor appears on the screen and you wiggle your wrist to get quickly from feature to feature on-screen. Most TV remote controls pale by comparison.
  5. Flat screen TVs have had flat screens from the beginning, but this label never implied that the entire device was flat. LG obviously has not been resting on its laurels, as they’ve slimmed down every possible part to its bare essentials – packing features and performance into less area. It’s astounding to know that not only do we have a cutting edge entertainment experience, but it’s more power efficient to boot (compared to what we had before).
  6. While I’ve largely stopped buying physical media when there’s an digital option available to me, some of the Blu-ray movie discs I have come with a 3D option that I never had an opportunity to try. Well, I finally have 3D in the home – and it’s a nice feature to have at our disposal (so long as a piece of content has been optimized for it).
  7. 720p seemed fine for me – until I witnessed 1080p. And now that I’ve seen 4K content on the OLED TV, it’s insanely difficult to watch anything less. 4K content is just now starting to trickle into the marketplace, which makes me feel somewhat future-proofed with this mounted on our bedroom wall.

Of course we put the LG OLED HDTV in our bedroom – because watching movies while laying down is just too awesome. And, with this TV, it’s even more awesome than it would have been otherwise.