In a recent vlog, Jedi did a Star Wars hat show & tell! Here are her picks, and more!

Stay festive with this Yoda Santa Hat with bendable ears!







Keep warm all winter in a BB-8 Beanie!







Force yourself to enjoy winter in this Vader cap!








Arm yourself for winter in a Star Wars Wampa Face Laplander Knit Beanie











R2-D2 Winter Hat








Star Wars Logo Rebel Alliance & Galactic Empire Cuff Pom Beanie









Star Wars Boba Fett Cuff Beanie







This C-3PO Winter Hat is “toque” cool!











You’ll look Wicket-ly cool in this Ewok Hat!







This Stormtrooper Hat will keep kid’sĀ faces warm!









Keep young Padawans warm in this Yoda hat!







Most impressive – Darth Vader Fair Isle Winter Hat










This Star Wars Reversible Beanie lets you decide between the Galactic Empire & Rebel Alliance!












Soar through winter in this Star Wars Ships Beanie







Warm up with this Wookiee! Chewbacca Winter Hat