Machine of Death is the Game for Creative Assassins

Fancy a storytelling party game about murder? Here’s one for you. When the Machine of Death can tell a person how they’ll die by analyzing a sample of their blood, your job — as an assassin — just got harder. That’s why you’ve got to be creative! You’ll deal with over 200 different death predictions and equipment from over 100 unusual stores that you’ll need to carry out the gruesome deed… sure, it’s morbid — but it’s a fun kind of morbid!

The Machine of Death Is For Creative Assassins
[Image: Bearstache]

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Fight Your Nightmares Wrapped in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Twin Sheets

If you’re the type to greet every morning with an exclamation of “cowabunga,” then a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Twin Sheets is your passport to a good night’s sleep. These 100% polyester sheets are comfortable and stylish for kids of all ages — yes, even you. Heroes in a half shell fight for all! Just don’t get pizza crumbs in the bed.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Twin Sheets
[Image: Nickelodeon]

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Disappearing TARDIS Mug Also Makes Thirst Vanish

When the Time Lord known only as The Doctor gets thirsty, all he has to do is get in his time capsule — the TARDIS (short for Time And Relative Dimension In Space) — and pop on down to the shop for his favorite refreshment. Store’s closed or out of stock? No problem. He’ll just set the controls to materialize at a time when it’s open and the shelves are full. This Disappearing TARDIS Mug recreates this feeling of empowerment by giving you your own dematerializing/rematerializing TARDIS and making your thirst vanish! Contrary to what your human eyeballs tell you, it’s not magic — it’s science!

Disappearing TARDIS Mug Also Makes Thirst Vanish
[Image: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild]

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3D Hobbit Hobbiton Puzzle Takes You Back to the Shire

From the time you pick up your very first piece of the 3D Hobbit Hobbiton Puzzle until you conclude with the 363rd, you will be captivated by its intricate details. When completed, it’s a beautiful replica of the home of Bilbo Baggins (and later, Frodo Baggins) in the Shire’s famous Bag End district. Wizards should refrain from smoking or firework displays near the finished project.

The Hobbit Hobbiton Puzzle Is 3D Perfection
[Image: Wrebbit 3D]

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Star Wars Thermal Detonator Hot Potato Game is Serious Negotiation

Introduced at the Disney parks’ Star Wars Weekends 2013, this Star Wars Thermal Detonator Hot Potato Game has proved immensely popular — as a game and as a collectible rendering of the thermal detonator that a famous “bounty hunter” once used to negotiate with Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. The game itself is simple. Pass this “hot potato” from player to player until the Star Wars characters start their commentary. If a player drops the hot potato, their status as a player ends, as well. If you get tired of playing the game, switch to movie mode and listen to Star Wars movie sounds.

Thermal Detonator Hot Potato Game Is Too Hot To Handle
[Image: Disney]

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Telic Unisex Flip Flops Are Like Walking on a Cloud

Wearing a pair of these Telic Unisex Flip Flops is like walking on a cloud. Not only are these flip flops comfortable, but they are actually designed to propel you forward — and they come in lots of different colors! Thinking about going barefoot this year on the beach? Think again. I still recall the time I stepped on a fish hook that logged in the bottom of my right foot. Very painful. So a nice thick pair of flip flops are well worth the price. Strap a pair of marshmallows on your tootsies and head outdoors in comfort.

TEROX Unisex FLip Flops Are Like Walking On A Cloud
[Image: Telic]

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Doctor Who Tumbling TARDIS Tower Tests Time Lord Tenacity

Navigating accurately through the space-time continuum demands a certain level of precision that eludes most sentient beings — but maybe you’re among them? Think you have what it takes to pilot a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space)? The Doctor Who Tumbling TARDIS Tower is one way the Time Lords of Gallifrey test their brightest pupils for the journeys ahead. If you can strategically stack these 36 blocks — each printed with images of The Doctor’s own TARDIS — without it tumbling down on your move, then you win!

Doctor Who Tumbling TARDIS Tower With Push-Pull Bricks
[Image: Amazon]

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Have a Nice Day Mug Flips for Secret Message

On the front of this Have a Nice Day Mug is a welcoming, heartwarming greeting. But this is where the niceties abruptly come to an end. As you lift up the cup to take a swallow, the image on the bottom of the cup shows a hand with a single digit raised — so you can wish the person across the table from you at the meeting a kind greeting while, at the same time, telling them to go screw themselves. Nice.

Have a Nice Day Mug Flips for Secret Message
[Image: Sik World Productions]

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Godzilla Wall Decal Chooses Decoration over Destruction

Unlike the real Godzilla, this giant Godzilla Wall Decal can be easily removed, re-positioned and re-installed with no messy residue left behind. Actually, you get 12 wall decals; some of them are combined to assemble one giant Godzilla that’s 39.6″ wide by 50.4″ tall, and the rest are smaller, but no less impressive declarations of your love for the King of the Monsters! Go, go, Gojira!

Godzilla Wall Decals Easily Covers Cracks And Holes
[Image: Amazon]

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Air Power Soccer Disk Glides on a Cushion of Air

Cushioned on air like an air hockey puck, the Air Power Soccer Disk can float across hardwood, carpet, tile, or most any type of floor with ease. Thinking about joining the US soccer team? With the Air Power Soccer Disk, you can practice your footwork and improve your weaving back and forth. The Air Power Soccer Disk is for indoor use only, so you can practice in your living room during the hot days of summer or cold days of winter.

Air Power Soccer Disk Floats Like Magic
[Image: Can You Imagine]

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Travel Handheld Steamer Eliminates Wrinkles on the Go

This red hot Handheld Steamer will eliminate wrinkles and keep your clothes looking new. This portable device can fit neatly into your airline baggage or carry-on and be ready to steam your clothes in under one minute. You will look sharp and neat no matter what the occasion is or where you might be. Be the envy of of the crowd with your neat, wrinkle-free appearance and commanding presence.

Red Hot Hand Held Steamer Eliminates Wrinkles
[Image: Jiffy Steamer]

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Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartender Makes Any Hour Happy

Want to learn how to make the best drinks at the bar? Sure, you could plunk down a bunch of cash on bartending school, or you could get the Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartender. This system combines a smart scale with an iOS app (Android version in the works) that can guide you toward pouring just the right blend of booze for a lip-smacking refreshment worthy of any discerning barfly!

Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartender Makes Any Hour Happy
[Image: Brookstone]

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