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Creator Advocate Workshop is this Saturday

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iPad Pro vs Pixelbook


*** iPad Pro vs Pixelbook Notes ***
Multitasking (App Switching)
Style / Design Ethos
Jank (?)
Voice Control
App Store Availability
Browser Experience
Cohesive Design Patterns
Intelligible Layout
Animations / Transitions
Default Keyboard & Typing Speed
Productivity Promise
Battery Life

iPad Pro Review:
Pixelbook First Impressions:
Thank you Device Fund supporters!

Pixelbook Review: First Impressions



Pixelbook Review: First Impressions
Thank you Device Fund supporters!

  • Screen flashes / changes when “too much” white appears suddenly? Unsure if it’s hardware or software, but insanely jarring
  • Some button styles during the setup wizard are styled differently than other ones (like, legacy buttons that haven’t been tweaked yet)
  • Both video and scrolling are relatively smooth, but there seems to be a blur at times – as though pixels aren’t able to keep up (one video seemed to exhibit frame drops at times with high speed object)
  • Generally, items are responsive when interacting with them on the screen. There’s still quite a bit of jank, but not nightmare-scenario.
  • Screen wobbles pretty badly when touching in “laptop” mode.
  • Android apps don’t like the touchpad as much as they like your finger for interactions (Instagram)
  • Keep tripping the Assistant key accidentally (while trying to use the
  • Alt key for shortcuts, remapped to work like MacOS Command)
  • App manager can be a bit confusing – mixed between Chrome apps and Android apps, sometimes unable to tell which is which (Google Play Music)
  • Awesome to see Chrome extensions working
  • Worried about silicone palm rests wearing down / getting dirty
  • Backlit keyboard ONLY useful in VERY dark rooms
  • Touch input lag with Android apps
  • Lap play is just fine, balanced
  • Tent mode will prove to be quite convenient
  • Trackpad is taking some getting used to compared to bring accustomed to MacBook trackpad
  • Bonus: 2 Years worth of 100GB on Google Drive
  • Bonus: 3 Months of Play Music (Saving me on YouTube Red, Family)?
  • Kinda starting to feel like a $500 experience, not a $1,000 one
  • Battery life seems to be okay – so long as brightness isn’t at full power
  • Seemingly wanting to use it more than iPad – but I have to consider when, how, why I would use it

LG V30 Review: First Impressions


LG V30 Initial Impressions:
Neat back, but smudge prone
– Long wait time with simple HDR shots (can’t move)
– Lots of mistaps in Camera app
– Not sure LG’s design modification layer is cohesive
– Not sure every app looks clean with the curved corners
– Inclined to replace Launcher
– Knock code unlock
– Hide software buttons in apps
– Camera has tons of options
– Generally Smoother than iOS
– Very responsive screen
– Lens covered warning in camera app
– Very wide angle lens
– App Trash feature
– Blazing fast internet on T-Mobile
– Not too many redundant apps
– Could customize hardware experience with own software
– Nice audio recorder experience
– Battery charging time left

TLDR: Is 2017 the Worst Year for New Devices?

TLDR is live on every weekday, this is a special presentation to let you know TLDR is back!
All of Today’s Devices Are Imperfect – is 2017 the worst year for new devices?

Should Chris try the Samsung Note 8?

What’s the deal with the Razer Phone?

AMA also meant Star Wars questions mixed with lots of tech! Thanks for the Superchats!