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Using eBay to Remember the Geeky ’70s

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Five Ways Geeks Remember the '70sYou might think of eBay as the go-to place for picking up the knick knacks of yesteryear — and it is that — but it’s so much more. If you’re in the mood for something a little more shiny than a vintage Odyssey 2 console from the ’70s, for instance, eBay has plenty of 21st century deals on electronics and technology right here.

It’s always fun to take a look at technology from the perspective of where we’ve been compared to what’s available on the market today, and it gives us some idea of what we might expect in the future. Having been born in the ’70s (ancient history to some of you, or just yesterday if you’re my parents), I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. I didn’t grow up with an Internet and on-demand access to information like we take for granted today, so I appreciate the conveniences of the modern day and would be loathe to live without them now.

Still, I get bitten by the nostalgia bug every now and again and like to take a gander back to the days of my youth. Thanks to the aforementioned Internet and its trusty auction house for keepsakes new and old, eBay, I’ve always got a window to my personal past should I ever want to look up an old friend like an Atari 2600 or a rare Blue Snaggletooth Star Wars action figure from 1978.

eBay Deals

Again, not everything you can find on eBay is a relic of a bygone era. There are plenty of new finds to tempt you — and your pocketbook — should you go looking. Speaking only for myself, I know that I’d rather go hunting on the Internet for anything I’m thinking of buying rather than scouring the local malls, shopping centers, thrift stores, and flea markets — and eBay is often my most valuable resource for tracking down the things I want at reasonable prices. It’s been around since 1995 (ancient history to some of you, or just yesterday if you’re me), and has a convenient rating system to let me know if a would-be seller has earned the trust of the community or if they’re a fly-by-night shyster on the verge of being banned forever from plying their sneaky trade in the hallowed virtual halls of this honorable institution.

If you want to see some of the fun, geeky things from the ’70s that I’ve managed to track down, have a look at my Five Ways Geeks Remember the ’70s guide at eBay.

Don’t worry — it’s not just my five favorite original Star Wars action figures… at least not this time. Maybe they deserve their own list? Let me know what you’d like to see in future eBay guides!

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LockerGnome Challenge: Troopin’ with a Trooper!

Last week’s toy photography challenge was “Troopin’ with a Stormtrooper” — we challenged you to post your Stormtrooper photo(s) to social media, tag them with #LockerGnome, and I said I’d select my favorites to embed in a blog post for LockerGnome.com this week. Here are the results!

Troopers enjoying downtime with the kids… #LockerGnome A photo posted by Man vs. Pink (@manvspink) on

I didn’t think the dark side would be this dark! #LockerGnome #TeamCanon #BringIt #Canon @canonusa @canon_photos A photo posted by Adrian Bacon (@adrianbacon) on

Hunting pesky rabbits whilst stormtrooping #lockergnome #stormtrooper #Lego #rabbit #starwars

A photo posted by Adam Toms (@adamstoms) on

Trooping with a trooper #lockergnome

A photo posted by Joe (@jtashji) on

Disney Stormtrooper

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When you’re seized in the clutches of Pac-Man Fever, you can either try to get rid of it with a steady regimen of arcade avoidance, or you can embrace it. We choose the latter remedy, and here are seven perfect Pac-Man playthings that we prescribe:

And because we can’t count:

PacMan Mug

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LEGO Simpsons - with Ned Flanders

The #LockerGnome Challenge: Homer Away from Home

Homer brightening up my desk #lockergnome #twitter #woohoo #simpsons #Lego

A photo posted by Adam Toms (@adamstoms) on

Homer Away From Home #lockergnome

A photo posted by @finnstrip on

Homer Away from Home

Star Wars Haul: Vader Chocolate & Stormtrooper Goblets

Here’s the Star Wars haul of stuff you guys have sent me that I’ve been promising for a while! I recorded it once only to find out it had no sound. I suppose I could have dubbed it over in Huttese, but I just thought about it right now. Maybe next time (though I’m honestly hoping there is no next time)!

Here’s a list of everything mentioned in this video:

Star Wars Haul

Recreating Movie Scenes with Toy Action Figures (beruwhitesun)

Today’s photographer is beruwhitesun!

Brick to the Future (with DanSoloBricks)

He’s done many others – including a submission for the #LockerGnome challenge this week!

I have a bad feeling about this marty!!

A photo posted by Daniel (new Account) (@dansolobricks) on