Kikkerland Claire de Lune Moonlight Clock

Even if you believe that the moon is made of green cheese or you think that it’s really an elaborate Stanley Kubrick film set, there’s no denying that you’ve probably been struck with awe on more than one occasion by seeing our lunar companion beaming down from the inky night sky. That’s why the Kikkerland Claire de Lune Moonlight Clock makes a stunning addition to any room in your house for those times when you need a little awe in your life — day or night!

Authentic Lunar Image Moonlight Clock
[Image: Kikkerland]

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Ghostbusters Logo Stickers Make Me Feel Good

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, it’s long been established that you pick up the phone and call the Ghostbusters. During the Halloween season, however, those guys can get pretty busy, so sometimes you’ve got to take matters into your own hands. If you want to scare away some troublesome specter who won’t take the hint when you bring out the burning sage, just slap one of these Ghostbusters Logo Stickers on a prominent surface (like a car window or your front door) and watch ’em high-tail it back from whence they came.

Ghostbusters Logo Stickers Make Me Feel Good
[Image: Amazon]

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Godzilla Wall Decal Chooses Decoration over Destruction

Unlike the real Godzilla, this giant Godzilla Wall Decal can be easily removed, re-positioned and re-installed with no messy residue left behind. Actually, you get 12 wall decals; some of them are combined to assemble one giant Godzilla that’s 39.6″ wide by 50.4″ tall, and the rest are smaller, but no less impressive declarations of your love for the King of the Monsters! Go, go, Gojira!

Godzilla Wall Decals Easily Covers Cracks And Holes
[Image: Amazon]

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Zombie Caution Poster Warns Families to Cross Carefully

When your family needs to safely cross from one place to another, it’s good to know what dangers you might face on the road ahead. You can already expect mountain lions, rattlesnakes, irradiated rednecks, and the usual fare, but what about zombies? That’s right. Zombies. When you see this Zombie Caution Poster, you know to keep your best head-piercing implements at the ready.

Zombie Caution Poster Warns Families to Cross Carefully
[Image: NMR]

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How Can You Use an Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board?

This 16″ x 12″ Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board is perfect for restaurants, retailers, party planners, and anyone who wants to post daily specials and words of wisdom in an attractive, visible manner. Or it can be used to remind the family’s errand-runner that you’re out of toilet paper again. It’s got lots of uses.

How Many Ways Can You Use An Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board?
[Image: AGPtek]

Get your own Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board here! If I had one, I’d write something like, say, “Happy Glow Week!”

Batman Logo Blacklight Poster for a Groovy Kind of Superhero

If this 22″ x 34″ Batman Logo Blacklight Poster is too groovy for even the Adam West incarnation of Batman, maybe it would be more suitable for Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison playing Batman, man. He is the Bat King; he can do anything.

Batman Logo Blacklight Poster for a Groovy Kind of Superhero
[Image: Amazon]

Get your own Batman Logo Blacklight Poster here! (And if you want to make this poster really pop, here’s a cheapie blacklight, too!)

Happy Glow Week!

Star Wars Drapes Show off Your Out-of-This-World Taste

Most of the neighbors already think you’re a little weird. You mow your lawn in a Stormtrooper costume uniform. You answer the door in a Jedi bathrobe. You weatherproof your driveway wearing a vintage Empire Strikes Back shirt that you’ve had since you were a kid. You live, eat, and breathe all things Star Wars. But what you don’t seem to have is a set of Star Wars Drapes with a collage of original trilogy images. Why is that? Are you worried that the neighbors are going to think you’re some kind of oddball?

Star Wars Drapes Show off Your Out-of-This-World Taste

Each panel (there are two) is 63″ tall and 42″ wide. They’re 60% cotton, 40% polyester, 6% Ewok fibers, and 19% Nerf, which adds up to 125% awesome!

Pop Quiz Clock Takes Math Back to the Blackboard

DCI Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock

Pop Quiz Clock Takes Math Back to the Blackboard
Do you want a brain teaser every hour? This Pop Quiz Clock may be just the thing to keep your gray matter in tip-top shape! [Image shared by Amazon]
Do you want to feel a little bit smarter every hour? Well, I can’t promise that you will with this Pop Quiz Clock from DCI, but I can promise that you will look smart in front of friends and family members who don’t have a geeky time pendant like this in their house.

The Pop Quiz Clock has a 11.5″ diameter face, is made of metal, and has been powder-coated in a matte black finish reminiscent of the school blackboard most of us grew up with — very stylish. I doubt that school would have been as boring if the clocks had looked like this, and maybe we might have learned something in mathematics class. I should point out that this clock won’t drain your battery budget as it’s powered by a singular AA battery.

The Pop Quiz Clock is as Easy as Pi

The reviews for the Pop Quiz Clock seem to mostly be arguing, in the one star region, about the fact that the equation for 9 o’clock is using 3.14 as the approximation to represent pi. I really doubt that the makers of this clock, DCI, want to take up the whole clock face with 3.1415… as a true representation of pi. The geeky amongst you may find that the answer is 9.004777… but does this have any bearing on whether or not the Pop Quiz Clock does a good job?

The answer is no. The whole point of this clock is to tell the time, and give you a little bit of a brain teaser while it’s at it. It’s not designed to be perfectly accurate with the equations and simple mathematical problems. The spirit of this timepiece is to be simple. Therefore, you have my permission to slap anyone who thinks that it’s smart/clever to point out that 9 o’clock is an approximation using the line “Where they placed the 9 o’clock equation is also an approximation.”

In all seriousness, this is a great clock that would look great in any home.

Take some time out to grab a Pop Quiz Clock for yourself or a geeky friend!

The Persistence of Melting Clocks

Melting Clocks Face
The Melting Clocks Face is either a poignant statement about the nature of time, or a Surrealist perception of cheese that’s been sitting out in the sun too long. You choose! [Image shared by Amazon]
In 1931, surrealist artist Salvador Dali introduced popular culture to the enduring image of melting clocks in a painting he dubbed The Persistence of Memory. Art historian Dawn Ades wrote that “The soft watches are an unconscious symbol of the relativity of space and time, a Surrealist meditation on the collapse of our notions of a fixed cosmic order,” while Dali himself remarked that the whole thing was merely a surrealist perception of “Camembert cheese melting in the sun.”

What’s the truth of the matter? When we’re talking about the famously eccentric Salvador Dali, it’s never easy to say for sure — he loved to keep us guessing with a wink and a smile. What we do know is that the image of melting clocks is here to stay. Whether created as a commentary on Einstein’s discoveries of the day or an observation of dairy products left out too long, there’s something about melting clocks that appeals to us, isn’t there?

This Melting Clocks Face is a unique timepiece that will dress up your home or office and serve as the perfect conversation starter among those who share your space — and time. Friends, family, and co-workers — whether prompted to ponder the intricacies of time or cheese — can’t stop themselves from having some kind of opinion about this Melting Clocks Face.

Even Melting Clocks Are Right Twice a Day

With a blend of artistic sculpting and the reliability of quartz timepiece movement, the Melting Clocks Face is as pleasing to the eye as it is practical to a precise schedule keeper.

And anyone who appreciates the works of Salvador Dali will know that you’re a connoisseur of the finer things in life when they spot this in your collection. So whether you want to pamper yourself with this or buy it as a gift for someone else, you can be assured that this clock is something special.

Here’s the question you should really ask yourself, though: why would anyone want to hang up a plain old round face clock on a wall when they could go for a Melting Clocks Face at the same price? A mundane timepiece is only going to remind you of how long it is until quitting time, but time itself appears to melt away without a care in the world when tracked on a Melting Clocks Face.

Now comes a very important decision for you to make. Do you want to keep yourself surrounded by boring, round clocks, or do you wish to step up into a new realm of time keeping with this truly exceptional piece of art?

The choice is yours.

Get your own Melting Clock at Amazon before time (and maybe cheese) drips away forever…