Florida is Open for Business

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As someone who typically only travels for business reasons, I’ve been brought to Florida more than a few times throughout the decades. In my experience, the state has been quite hospitable to opportunity. Indeed, the data backs up this perspective – with Florida channeling a sizable talent pool for the marketplace.

As Abraham Lincoln was quoted in the following video: “The best way to predict the your future is to create it.” Florida embodies this spirit:

People can and will swiftly relocate for viable job and career opportunities. While there will never be a guarantee for placement, those who are interested will often find themselves stacking the deck in their favor – finding a location that offers an abundance vocational positions across a range of disciplines. Florida is where people of all ages may very well land their next position – whether they honed their skillsets at a secondary learning institution or are a military-trained laborer with hands-on history that remains forever invaluable in the private sector.

While on the topic of schooling, it should be noted that Florida colleges also have active partnerships in place to help graduates solidify work options with in-state companies (including GE Wind Energy in Pensacola + UWF College of Engineering; SAFT in Jacksonville + UNF College of Engineering). This may very well be a deciding factor for those who have not yet begun or completed their higher level education – given that one is driven to the classroom to primarily benefit their professional, lucrative, post-graduation prospects. Florida Talent is flowing.

Aerospace is a field that continues to explode. This blossoming arena requires technologically-savvy individuals at every level – whether it’s leadership with innovative business strategies which fuel Florida’s high-tech landscape (like that of Blue Origin, SpaceX, EA Tiburon, or BRIDG) or those who have practical on-the-job experience from their previous positions as veterans – the state is primed to accommodate. Florida Business is working.

To put a finer point on it, per this post on Florida’s aerospace industry position:

“Florida’s two spaceports and 20 major military installations make the state a prime destination for aviation, aerospace and defense companies. Small wonder Florida ranks second nationwide in aerospace manufacturing establishments, with annual exports exceeding $5.2 billion.”

While it’s relatively safe to assume that humanity collectively hopes for a bright future beyond our planet’s reaches, those dreams may only take hold if our present offers a hospitable environment to foster such endeavors. In other words: someone has to build it, and those “someones” are already doing that in Florida at this very moment. And, naturally, more modern, pressing needs are actively being addressed there by a qualified workforce to boot.

With an ample stream of both needs and those able to fulfill such needs, Florida-based businesses have an opportunity to establish themselves and thrive in a top-ranked business environment. Florida Innovation remains boundless.

Certainly, if you had only considered Florida as a vacation destination before today, you’ll have recognized that the state has way more than play to offer.

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