Game Adapter Frustrations

Tried of working from the kitchen table, today I took two hours that I had set aside after my day’s work to try to get my home office into good enough shape that I can get my replacement desk setup. My reasoning for using a new desk is that it is a much larger wrap around made out of the same kind of material as one of my old existing ones. Combined, it will provide me with enough desk space to begin tackling some projects that are long overdue.

At any rate, during my cleaning I came across an old Netgear WGE111 Game Adapter. In my household, I do not throw away perfectly good technology. Being this is using 802.11g, it is using the same tech as my router anyway. So I had some motivation in getting this thing up and running. Unfortunately, I am not having much luck apparently.

The WGE111 is in need of the most recent Firmware upgrade, which I suspect will help update the WPA options to include WPA2/Personal. What has me baffled however, is the fact that I am relying on a web based administration option when their is actually configuration software that is designed to run just fine in Windows already! This is how you actually connect it to the network in the first place.

So I have gone through both various forum posts and the actual guide. While I can connect to other networks, along with mine when I have WPA turned off for testing, I cannot get into the web administration UI for the adapter. The default internal IP is set at with a casual subnet of . I however, use an internal scheme such as not . So I figured I would give DHCP a shot which brought me to the adapter being at – fine, except I cannot connect to the IP in a web browser at all – total time out. But bear in mind that it is an authentic working IP that allows for Internet use, though. Just no web admin for the adapter…which translates into no firmware upgrade.

Just for giggles, I did a few resets from the back of the device then tried to connect at, even though I fail to see how it could work. As predicted, it did not. Do not really have much free time to invest with this, however I thought I might put this out there to see if any of the Lockergnome community have some thoughts that I might be missing?