Good Morning

Good morning. I’m a new entry to your inbox, eh? If I could sit you down at my kitchen table and pour you a cup of Peet’s, I certainly would. As a loyal ‘Gnomie, I’ve felt the family spirit of this community for a long time. That just makes it an even greater pleasure to be able to contribute each day, now, in such a big way. So, pour a cup, kick up your feet for a few, and let me fill you in on a few of the particulars of this latest great adventure.

An introductory slice of background seems in order. Linux is, quite simply, my passion. In my day job, I build, configure and install research-grade robotic telescopes running on the Linux OS. I’m also a partner in a small new company that specializes in pre-installed Linux workstations and servers. Even though my first computer was an Atari 1040ST, my first computer love was a Compaq running Debian. It was challenging, frustrating, frightening, and yet amazingly fun. To this day, 5 years later, the thrill of a new Linux discovery is, by definition, the thrill of computing.

Which brings me to Penguin Shell. This will be a newsletter that strives to live up to the sprit of both Lockergnome and Linux. It will work to inform the newbie, challenge the guru and entertain everyone along the way.

Having said that, the fact is this: the single most common comment in my inbox the past few weeks has been, “I want newbie tips.” I understand. In looking around the web, there’s simply not enough content or documentation on the fundamentals of Linux aimed at new Linux users. So we’re gonna do it here. If you’re an old-timer and the tips seem a bit slow, pipe up and drag us along with you. The downloads and links will be of interest to you. And, as I travel the world installing telescopes (coming in December – a 1-meter ‘scope in Japan), I hope the daily report will provide some entertainment, maybe even education, for all. The open spirit of the open source community can propel us all along.

‘Nuff said. Hey … pass me that donut, wouldya?

Tony Steidler-Dennison