Judy's Book

I’ve lived near Atlanta for the past twelve years of my life, and by now, you’d think that I would have a pretty good idea of what’s worth doing, watching, eating, and enjoying in the city. While I do have a modest list of hot spots, it’s nowhere near as complete as it should be. I don’t really get out and explore the city; when I travel there, it’s for a reason, and I know exactly where I’m heading. I know that if I talked to more of the residents in the area, I’d quickly find out that there are plenty of things to see and do around Atlanta, and there’s no doubt that the same thing is true for where you live. To get solid recommendations from the residents who make the cities tick, check out Judy’s Book.

There’s good and bad in every city, and this is where you can go to find out about it. A bunch of major cities are available, and you’ll even find a good number of suburbs to research. Reviews of restaurants, shopping malls, and a wide range of other businesses are available, so Judy’s Book is a good first stop to make before you dive head first into a new place. Users can ask questions and post their experiences on the personalized blogs that help to make up the site. If you’re really skeptical about a certain business, then it helps to find out about what the experiences of previous trailblazers were.

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