GM Volt To Get 230 MPG In The City

GM is making a claim that the Chevy Volt, when it finally is introduced in late 2010, will get 230 MPG in city driving. That’s what GM is saying, but is this really true or just marketing hype? According to a recent article it also states the following:

Henderson said that GM is confident that the combined highway and city mileage for the Chevy Volt, due to go on sale in late 2010, will be in the triple digits. Expressed in electrical terms, the performance will be 25 kilowatt-hours for 100 miles.

“Having a car that gets triple-digit fuel economy, we believe, will be a game changer for us,” Henderson said.

Other plug-in electric sedans are also expected to have triple-digit fuel efficiency once they come to market. The all-electric Tesla Motors’ Roadster, which is available now, advertises triple-digit fuel economy as well.

The EPA model is being developed for cars used in different climates and a mix of electric and gas driving conditions, GM executives said. City mileage will be better for the Volt because the extended-range electric power train runs for 40 miles on battery alone and then uses an internal combustion engine to recharge batteries.

The cost of fueling a Volt will be significantly less than gassing up at the pump, Henderson said. In Detroit, where off-peak electricity rates are 5 cents a kilowatt hours, it will cost about 40 cents to recharge batteries overnight.

On the cost of the car itself, Henderson said that GM has not priced the Volt but that it will be expensive because it is a first-generation product. Unconfirmed estimates are said to be around $40,000.

GM is still not even in the ball park if their car comes with a $40k price tag. Even if gas goes back to $4 a gallon, and taking in consideration that the average car price is about $25k for a fairly nice vehicle, $15k buys a lot of gas. Just my 2 cents.

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