Do You Need A Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster? Try Walmart For $8

The Elf’s over at Walmart have been working their magic and have secured what they describe as a ‘huge’ stock pile of Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters. Walmart states that they have 747 jets loaded with the fuzzy creatures hidden away where no one can find them. Walmart is going to be selling the popular fuzz balls for just $8 which should make some on eBay cringe, since they thought they would make a killing this holiday.

So if you want one you will have to do the following. Show up at a Walmart on Monday December 19th, 2009 at 7:00am, or before. You will be issued a number and their will be a strict limit of one creature per customer.

Happy shopping.

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AVG 8 Has Released SP1 For Download

If you previously downloaded AVG and experienced problems, you may wish to download AVG 8 with SP1 and give it a try.  DougCuk has been monitoring the release of SP1 and had notified me it was available. I checked the AVG site and the new release is available for download.

The file name you wish to use is:


You can obtain the download directly from the AVG servers to make sure you get the latest release here.

If you do try the new release, let us know your thought. I haven’t tried it yet and will be giving it a go when I get home from vacation on my test box.

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I received this from Lloyd Borrett of AVG. A newer version was released on July 4, 2008:

The file name you want to use is:

It’s now available at


AVG 8 Once More – Turn Off Link Scanner

Some users are reporting that their browser locks when they try to access any website, after installing AVG 8 free edition. One of the suggestions in the AVG forums was to turn off the Link Scanner feature built into AVG 8.

What is Link Scanner? Basically it scans websites in an attempt to discover rogue web sites. This feature is handy, but if you are experiencing problems with Link Scanner, you can turn this feature off. Here’s how:

1. Open AVG 8 Anti-Virus Free edition.

2. Look at the top menu and click on TOOLS. A drop down menu appears.

3. Click on Advanced Settings.  Take a look at the list to your left hand side.

4. Look on the list for – LinkScanner.

5. Click on LinkScanner and take a look to the right hand side. You will see two boxes that are checked. Uncheck the boxes.

If your browser now works properly, than LinkScanner was the problem.

If you would like to have a link scanner on your system, do a Google for either McAfee Site Advisor or WOT. Both do a fairly good job alerting you the user to rogue sites.

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PS Some have commented that AVG will not function with Windows versions prior to W2K. Unfortunately this is correct.

AVG 8 Free Edition – Try A Different Download Site?

The problems for those who are installing AVG 8 continue for some users, yet not for others. After checking on AVG’s Free Forum, I found some interesting facts that MAY, just MAY, help those who are having issues with the new freebie from AVG. I have also provided some additional links to other AVG resources:
First was this entry I found on the free forum concerning download sites. I noted this morning that beside the AVG site, others are also offering the download. Which made me think. How many people that are having issues are downloading a possible corrupted installation?

Download from a different location [] and try installing with that…

Other hints were to clean up the registry and defrag the system:

First let’s start by cleaning up all temporary files and check for registry issues. I prefer a util called CCleaner found at [] which does an even better job than the Windows Disk Cleanup and it also can check for registry issues. When checking for registry issues, run it about 3-4 times until it lists no other issues.

Check your hard drive for file/system errors by running chkdsk. Open My Computer and right click on Local Disk C: selecting Properties, click the Tools tab and in the Error Checking area click the “Check now” button and select both options. It will tell you that it can’t test the drive right now and it will ask if you want to schedule it for the next system startup… select Yes. Restart your computer so that it can check the drive. This test will take some time to run and at times may appear stalled but just let it run.

Follow up all of that with a full Defrag to ensure the best performance you can of the system. 

CCleaner is a freebie. Also you could use use Auslogics defragger, another freebie from here.I believe it does a better job than the built in defrag program that comes with Windows.

Oh yes, there are issues with AVG 8 and Windows 2000 SP4 that should be addressed in a follow up release.

Last but not least. Uninstall 7.5 before installing version 8. I know. Version 8 will uninstall 7.5, but some people are having issues with this.

The real last. If you have another anti-virus or spyware program on your system, remove it before installing AVG.

Free forum is here.

AVG 8 FAQ section is here.

AVG 8 user manual is here.

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AVG 8 Users – Get The User Manual

I received this from a reader known as ros today, and it jogged my memory about getting the AVG 8 free user manual:

hey i just upgraded from avg7.5 to 8.0 (free edition), all seems to be well but there is one issue that is irratating me.

I dont like the automatic updates (cause first thing on boot up it accesses the net bla bla bla… sometimes i have something urgent to do, i hate AVG holding me up)

Anyway with AVG 7.5 i had it disabled, no problem. Now with 8 i have done the same except the system tray icon shows the “you may not be protected” icon (grey AVG symbol with red exclamation)opposed to the running normal AVG icon.

the only “error” is the personal choice of wanting to manually update, is there a way of getting AVG 8 to understand i want to manually update and not display the warning icon? cant see anything in the advanced options either.

I sent ros the following reply:

Hello ros,
Try this:
Go to Tools – Advanced Settings – Schedules – Scheduled Scans and uncheck the startup option.

Also you may wish to get the AVG 8 user manual:

Hope this helps.

Which made me wonder. With so many people having issues with AVG 8, how many of these problems would be solved if all users got a copy of the user manual. Version 8 provides more protections than version 7.5, and therefore is more complicated. Taking a peek at the user manual may help.

Comments welcome.

PS This manual is in .pdf format and is 2.7MB in size.

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AVG Free Edition 8.0.100 Reviewed – Upgrade Now

If you are like me and use AVG freebie edition, than there is a new version in town, and it’s good. Real good. I asked my buddy Denny to try it as well and this is what he emailed me back:

AVG-8 I LIKE IT and there are Lots of Improvements and Still doesn’t Use Very Much System Resources to Run

I have it on my XP-BOX and my VISTA BOX. Did most of my Testing on the Vista

It only took about 4 min. to download VIA DSL 45megs then Uninstalled OLD AVG ANTI-VIRUS AND ANTI-SPYWARE

Installed AVG-8 and everything was Automatic up and running Then did some Lookin Under The Hood — TOOLS then ADVANCED-SETTINGS

Here you can MODIFY the way AVG-8 works for You.

This New AVG works more in the Back Ground Than 7.5 did and I like the New BALLOON TRY NOTIFICATION Fetcher

1st Scan Vista Ultimate Full Scan 837,000 files 2hr. 15min. it found 137 warnings All Tracking-Cookies I put them in Virus Vault ..

From Here you can Delete them . , What Was Surprising is that None of my other Tools Worked Finding These Critters !

I did another Scan Saturday on the Vista and CLEAN AS A WHISTLE ..

I also had my E-Mail running and 3 IE-7 Windows open While it was running the scan and AVG-8 was Only Using 15,000k

My experience is similar to what Denny found. The new interface for AVG 8 is slick and sleek and a vast improvement over AVG 7.5. But their is more to this new software than just a pretty face. AVG 8 now contains anti-spyware software plus search protection that tells you in real time if a site is safe or not. Of course you still get a great anti-virus program as well.

There are plenty of tweaks available as well. So us tweak nuts can get this puppy humming the way we want. The only problem I had with the software is one I noted in a previous article here. Once that minor issue was resolved, all was well.

Outside of slow scanning, it takes a good 2 hours, everything else is great. I highly recommend that you give AVG 8 a try. I believe you will find it an asset to the protection of your system and resource friendly. :-)

Comments welcome.

AVG 8 Free Edition can be downloaded from here.

Note: The notice in AVG 7.5 seeking users to upgrade to version 8 is not for the free version.

AVG Version 8 – Minor Warning Issue[s] Resolved

Yesterday I played around with AVG 8, tweaking some settings and doing multiple scans on my personal system, which I have always prided myself in keeping as a, lean, mean, fighting machine. But my jaw dropped as AVG 8 started to report a flood of registry entries tied to CoolWebSearch. Here is what happened.

After installing AVG 8 I did a full scan. Though the system reported there were no infections on my machine, under what the system states are ‘warnings’, was a host of registry entries similar to:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\ActiveXCompatibility\{33653C70-F82F-3235-E5B9-5751B1F39585};”Found Adware.CoolWebSearch”;”Potentially dangerous object”

After the scan was completed I clicked on the heal all button and during the process AVG 8 indicated the files exceeded the amount the virus vault could hold. AVG 8 froze up. OK. I can fix that. I tweaked the vault to use unlimted space and increased the files from 1,000 o 10,000. Mess with me! No joy. Same results.

I finally saved the report in .cvc format I looked at all of the alleged rogue files and I noticed a pattern. Some of the entries were repeated, and repeated and repeated again. Eventually I found that 65 registry entries were repeated 11,992 times! So I fire up regedit, locate the offending entries and dump them. Do a new scan and surprise. All is well.

I’m just reporting this in case anyone else has this enjoyable experience.

Comments welcome.

Overall opinion about the new versions – I like it! I’ll do a complete review next week.

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AVG Free Edition Version 8 Available For Download

Today is the day that AVG releases their latest version of AVG Free Edition 8. I went to their web site and downloaded the latest edition and noted that it is 45.6MB [though another link indicated the file to be 46.1MB] in size. I was actually surprised that the download speed was over 370 kb since I thought that the servers at AVG would be overloaded with users trying to get the latest and greatest. Maybe I just lucked out and hit the servers when they were not busy. :-)

I tried doing an install without installing AVG 7.5. Nope. You need to uninstall AVG 7.5 first [I choose to keep my settings and dump anything in the vault] , reboot, and install 8.0. During installation I was asked if I wished to install the ‘toolbar’ to monitor links. I personally choose not to do this since I’m currently using McAfee Site Advisor and testing WOT. But if you have no site monitoring software installed, I would recommend this option as well.

After the install completed an update was compelted and I did a scan of the system which came up clean.

For the next week or so I’ll be playing with the new GUI since everything has been changed, which for the most part, appears to be very user friendly thus far. Oh yes, this is a complete suite. Anti-virus, spyware & web link checker. Not bad for a freebie. But like with any software, time will tell just how good it is.

Review next week.

Comments welcome.

Get AVG Free Edition from here.

PS My buddy Dennis said that he needed to install a patch for Vista in order to get AVG 8 working. Patch is here.  Thanks Den.

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