Who Wants To Be A Lockergnome Blogging Super Star?

Yesterday in an email messages from Chris, he provided a link to a web site called ‘copyblogger’. Having read books on blogging, as well as visiting web sites that claim to have secret information on being an effective blogger, I wasn’t expecting any earth shattering information. Wrong!

What I liked about the information was that it was concise, easy to understand and used proven techniques to make us all better bloggers. Some of the articles I enjoyed reading were:

  1. Don’t Read This or the Kitty Gets It!
  2. To Be or Not To Be?
  3. How to Write Headlines That Work
  4. Why Writing Headlines Deserves a Second Installment
  5. The Structure of Persuasive Copy
  6. Now Featuring Benefits!
  7. “Kids Eat Free” and Other Irresistible Offers
  8. This Article Rocks. . . I Guarantee It!
  9. The Long and Short of Copywriting
  10. The #1 Secret to Great Copy Is. . .

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to ‘copyblogger’ and improve your blogging skills.

Comments welcome.

Source – Copyblogger link

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