Windows 7 Launch May Be A Quiet Affair

Down in New Zealand they are reporting that they believe that Windows 7 will be released with little fanfare by Microsoft. In NZ they state that because of their time zone, they will actually be the first country to get the newest operating system. But according to their informed sources, Windows 7 will be introduced quietly to the masses.

When Vista was launched you may recall that some influential bloggers were given high end laptops for free from Microsoft. After a community up roar, in which some bloggers returned the units to Microsoft, this quietlt faded into the sunset. Microsoft was using the word ‘Wow’ to describe the new Vista OS. But users were coming up with other words for Vista which did not include Wow, but contained many 4 letter words.

According to it states:

A Microsoft spokeswoman says it has no plans yet for the launch of Windows 7. “We will be doing something interesting and exciting. It’s hard to say what direction we will go in right now, but it will be appropriate to the times and not anything terribly extravagant.”

Keeping the Windows 7 launch low key may be in the best interest of Microsoft. After Vista and its many problems consumers just want something that works.

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