Steve Riley Is Up In The Clouds

In this RunAs Radio podcast, Richard and I talk to the one-and-only Steve Riley, formerly of Microsoft and now working with the Amazon Cloud Computing group.

Steve is focused on helping enterprise customers understand how to take advantage of Amazon’s cloud computing services. As always, Steve has his eye on the security elements of cloud computing as well. There’s also a great discussion about virtualization on the desktop.

Steve Riley is an evangelist and strategist for cloud computing at Amazon Web Services, working to help organizations understand how to integrate their environments with the cloud to extend reach, increase utilization, and respond to rapid business changes. His specialties include information security, compliance, reliability, privacy, and policy. Steve is a popular speaker at conferences worldwide, meets regularly with user groups of all sizes, and seeks opportunities to engage with customers as often as possible. Born with an Ethernet cable attached to his belly button, Steve grew up in networking and telecommunications. Besides lurking in the Internet’s dark alleys and secret passages, he enjoys freely sharing his opinions about the intersection of technology and culture. He writes at and tweets as @steveriley.