How To Stream Your Entire Music Library To Your iOS Device

With the new iOS 4.3, the iPod app on iPad and iPhone supports music streaming via Home Sharing. But what if you’re away from home? What’s the best way to stream your music library to your phone or iPad over the internet and not just your local network? Amazon Cloud Sync seems like a good option, but they don’t have an iOS app (yet). Instead, we’re going to use Subsonic, which turns your home computer into a music server that you can access anywhere you have a web connection.

  • Download and install Subsonic for your computer (Windows | Mac). The computer you install Subsonic on should be the computer that has all your music on it, and it should also be relatively stationary. This computer will need to be on and connected to the internet in order to use Subsonic.
  • Configure Subsonic. There’s a great guide for total Subsonic configuration if you have any trouble, but the process is pretty simple.
    1. Launch the Subsonic Configuration app and set the port you wish to use Subsonic on. Make sure this port is forwarded properly to your computer’s IP address.
    2. Start the Subsonic server, then visit http://localhost:port (whichever you selected) in your browser. Enter admin/admin in the username and password field.
    3. Follow the setup wizard, which includes changing your password and setting up music folders.
  • Once you’ve set up Subsonic, you’ll be able to access it from any browser by going to (or whatever port you selected during setup). If you don’t like having to remember your IP address every time, Subsonic provides subdomains for people who donate. If you like Subsonic and think you’ll use it a lot, consider donating $10. You’ll them be able to go to your Subsonic install simply by visiting
  • Next, we’ll set up iSub. iSub is an inexpensive iOS app that will connect to Subsonic servers and stream your music over WiFi or 3G. It has unique interfaces for iPhone and iPad, and even caches songs so if you’re listening to a playlist or album you can get¬†uninterrupted¬†playback in the event you lose service for a few minutes. Both iPhone and iPad versions are included in the $4.99 price tag. Here’s how to set it up:
    1. Tap “Show Settings” on the iSub home screen
    2. Tap Edit, and then + to add a new server
    3. Tap Subsonic to set up a new Subsonic server
    4. Enter your server address (including the port), and the username and password you set up on the website.
    5. Tap Save and iSub will connect.
    6. Once the server has been added, you won’t need to do this process again, simply launch Subsonic and start listening to music!