How to Join the New AMD Community

AMD is the company responsible for bringing Chris to CES this year — and we’re all very grateful for that. Chris was able to show us a lot of great new technology that we otherwise may not have gotten to see so closely. The AMD team didn’t only want to show off its tech advancements, though. It also wanted to invite all of you to join its new AMD Community.

You all know that I’m a huge proponent of communities and community building. I’ve been working in this space since 1999 and I still have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for it. Companies these days have got to have a strong community online or they’re dead in the water. Finding ways to bring people together with a common interest — your product or service — is a huge part of success in today’s marketplace.

The community that AMD has built looks to be a lot of fun as well as educational. By joining — for free, I might add — you’ll have access to talk with company representatives in ways that have never before been available. You’ll also, of course, be able to connect with other geeks who are fans of the company and its products. The best thing you’ll gain from a technical standpoint is exclusive access to new products, services, and news. Just think, you can find out about the latest and greatest advancements AMD is making before the tech reporters do!

How to Join the New AMD CommunityThe fun part comes in when you begin to compete. Just like with our LockerGnome app (available for iOS and Android), you can earn points by engaging with others across the community site and by sharing various content. Keep doing this and eventually you might just be named AMD’s top fan! Who wouldn’t want to be able to brag that they are the biggest fan for such an industry juggernaut?

The community gives you the opportunity to connect all of your most-used social channels, including Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more. Once you’ve connected your channels, finish filling in your profile with a short biography, a profile picture, and your job title if you wish.

There are a number of things you can do once you’re all set up. Submit a post, add photos and videos, or browse topics created by others. You can submit reviews and even earn points toward savings on products! That’s what I like — I can save money just by participating. I’m all about saving money.

I’ve only been a member for two days, and I’ve already earned quite a few points. Why don’t you come and join me over at the new AMD Community? I promise we’ll have a good time!