What Does The “i” In Apple Products Stand For?

I don’t know how this started and why anyone would even care, but is there a definitive answer as what the “i” in Apple products stand for? You know which “i” I am talking about. The “i” in iMac. iPhone, iPod, iTunes and now the iPad. So my search took me near and far around the Internet and I found some attempts at explaining the “i”, but I am not sure as to the accuracy of the definitions.

The easiest and most plausible attempt at describing the “i” is that it just stands for the Internet. But if the Internet uses a capital “I”, would the folks at Apple just ignore good grammar and shrink the upper case letter down to size?

There are other claims that the “i” stands for individual. Because each of these products is for individual use, the “i” was added to show that these products were indeed made for you, me and “i”.

I found one web site in which some people added a touch of humor, not only to the letter “i”, but also what some of the other letters stood for as well. Here is what they shared:

iPod stands for a very clever acronym. It’s short for: Idiots Pour Over Dough

How about “Illuminati”? You know, that all-seeing eye and stuff, and how supposedly the “Illuminati” are trying to send messages through music. Well what does the I pod do? lol.

So there you have it. Some serious and not so serious attempts at trying to determine what the “i” really means.

What do you think the “i” stands for?

Comments welcome.

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