Could The ‘WinTel’ Partnership Be Dissolving?

There was a time when both Microsoft and Intel controlled the entire computer market. Microsoft with their Windows and Office products controlled the software end of the business. So mighty was the axe that Microsoft wielded, that OEM companies who made computers bowed to every whim the Redmond giant asked for. On the flip side Intel has the processor market bottled up. They priced their products the way they wanted and higher meant larger profits to their bottom line. Intel consider AMD like a small thorn in their side and basically continued to dominate the processor market. When Microsoft and Intel joined forces and worked on joint ventures together, the term ‘WinTel was coined.

Times have changed and both companies are feeling pressure from outside companies. But what is going to separate the two companies is that Microsoft has decided to use the ARM processor, an Intel competitor, to power the next version of Windows which most likely will be called Windows 8. In a recent article it also stated that:

While Windows still powers more than 90% of global personal computers, research firm Gartner says Microsoft software ran less than 3% of smartphones in the third quarter. Despite pushing tablets for the past decade, no Wintel tablet has caught on with consumers.

The success of Apple Inc.’s iPad has driven a deeper wedge between Microsoft and Intel. The two companies, in collaboration with hardware makers, haven’t been able to come up with any tablet products that match the performance, power efficiency and ease-of-use of the iPad, a worrying trend as the Apple device has come to nibble into mobile PC sales.

The rise of smartphones—and more recently, tablets—has strained the relationship. A key reason people have long preferred Wintel-based PCs —compatibility with application programs for Windows—has so far not been an important selling point in the new mobile categories. Indeed, Apple and Google Inc. have had success in creating large markets for lightweight apps on smartphones and tablets—to the point that users don’t seem to care much about Windows compatibility.

While this breakup may be news worthy, don’t for one minute think that either Microsoft or Intel and down for the count. Both companies still have major sources of revenue that continue to pour in. I don’t believe that we should open our checkbooks to make a donation to either company. But like the auto industry, one needs to be extremely careful on how the public views your company.

Consumers have little, if any, allegiance to any major corporation.

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Source – WJS

My First Week Using The Google Chrome CR-48 Notebook Computer

Last evening I read an article at eWeek written by Don Reisinger and his opinion as to why Google Chrome is in serious trouble of failing. This was one of those 10 reason articles that is taught at journalism and blogging seminars on how to attract an audience. I am not going to comment on the article, but instead will let one of the people who commented do this for me.

The person [Danny] who commented stated:

I feel like it is pretty ignorant to judge this right now. Google does not want you to review it and I do not think its ready to be reviewed. Give it a chance to develop and let programmers jump on board to create apps and what not. I did not own an Android when it first came out but I am sure people said the same thing about that then too.

“Let every man judge according to his own standards, by what he has himself read, not by what others tell him.”

Thus far I have been enjoying my experience using the Google Chrome CR-48 notebook computer. Some of you may recall that I have previously written about the blur between a netbook and notebook computer, so I am going with the flow calling the CR-48 a notebook.

The Google Chrome CR-48 notebook is a specialty computer that is meant to attack the mighty kingdom in Redmond in which Windows is king. Rather I look at this pint-sized laptop as a computer that will attract a loyal crowd similar to what Apple does with their band of loyalists. Once one can accept this fact, it makes it easier to move on and talk about the specifics of why the computer will succeed.

Next we all need to remember that this is a test computer with beta software. The folks at Google are looking for real world experiences from users so they can fine tune and tweak their software and maybe the hardware as well. I do have one question? When have we seen any company in the technology industry send out 60,000 free computers to be tested? This tells me that the people at Google who designed this have a heck of a lot of confidence that this baby is going to fly.

Some are saying that Google Chrome OS is nothing but Linux in sheep clothing. I have used Linux distros and I am familiar what Linux is. Though the unseen engine may in fact be based on Linux, the OS itself is basically a Chrome browser. This is what makes the system so simple. Everyone has used a browser of some sort and using the Chrome OS is like using a browser.

Others complain that in order for the Chrome OS to function you need an Internet connection. True. Currently the Chrome OS requires an Internet connection to do everything. Whether this will change in the future is still unknown. But if you are reading this it is obvious you have an Internet connection. With thousands of hot spots located almost everywhere, I do not see the problem. Also for a fee you can connect to the Verizon network and be connected wherever you go.

Here is one I really like. You can not do video editing on Google Chrome OS. True. You can’t do video editing on an Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle and many other devices as well. Get over it and move on.

Some are saying that the keyboard is hard to use or that the trackball is unstable. No kidding Sherlock. This is a test computer. If you want perfection by an Apple.

Another stroke of brilliance is those who say that would not store their precious documents with Google using one of their online apps such as Google Doc’s. There is no requirement to use any Google app. That choice is yours and yours alone. For those of you who have your secret formula for making soap, keep these classified documents on your Windows and Apple machine. No one will ever be able to access your stuff because you are protected by a firewall. LOL

What I am finding for my own personal computing needs is that I originally thought I spent about 90% of my computing time using the Internet. I have now come to the realization that number is more like 99% of my time is spent using the computer on the Internet. For me the CR-48 is basically all I would need.

But that is me. Your needs may not be met by a Google Chrome OS powered machine. This is what is going to separate a Google Chrome OS computer from other boxes on the market.

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Source – eWeek

NFL Sunday Ticket To Go – $350 From DirecTV But There Is A Catch

Are you a certified football fanatic? Well you may want to check into the offering by DirecTV to get NFL Sunday Ticket to go. The package is being offered for a flat $350 for the season. The restriction is that you can’t get DirecTV service where you live. You might be aware that some rentals do not allow satellite dishes to be affixed to their building. So if you are stuck with cable or over the air TV, you still can watch your favorite games on your computer or iPad.

On its site, DirecTV states:

Super-high resolution streaming, Mix Channel and more.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Online takes your online experience to the next level. Not only do you get every game every Sunday, as well as highlights, scores and stats, on any laptop or desktop — PC, Mac or iPad — with Internet access**, but new for 2010, you also get:

  • HD-quality streaming: See every play with greater clarity than ever
  • Create-Your-Own Mix Channel: Watch up to four live games of your own choosing at the same time on one screen
  • Picture-in-Picture: Easily switch between two NFL games
  • Complete schedules by league and team

In addition, DirecTV states that, with its software, you can watch four games at once.  In addition these devices are supported:

The NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go Mobile app is available for iPhone, select Android, BlackBerry smartphone and Windows Mobile devices, Palm Pre, and iPad.

So if you qualify here is a way to get the best of what football has to offer without a contract from DirecTV.

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Source – DirecTV

Apple Nerds Waiting In Line To Buy An iPhone Boo Actor Who Cut In Line

In what was described as a line of some 2,000 Apple iPhone zealots, waiting in a L.A. mall to buy the coveted iPhone 4, they booed a Hollywood actor who cut in line. In a news article it stated that actor Jason Bateman was recognized by a store employee, plucked out of line and escorted into the store to buy the iPhone. Those who were waiting didn’t appreciate that a celebrity was able to get preferential treatment and made the boo sound as he exited the store.

I guess the question of the day is should a celebrity be allowed star status and be allowed to go ahead of the common people? Is his money better than ours? Will his owning an iPhone help Apple in its quest to increase its profit line?

What do you think?

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Source – Vulture

Buy Your Apple iPhone or iPad Soon – Supplies Could Shrink In Coming Months

Foxconn, the company that produces the Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as other electronic products, could be moving its plants out of China. In what appears to be a twofold problem, higher wages for Chinese workers and suicides at its plant in Shenzhen, the company may idle some 800,000 workers if it closes the plant. In addition, the company indicates that the price difference of producing electronics in China vs. Taiwan shrank when the company offered wage increases of 30% or more to the Chinese plant workers.

A recent article also states:

Foxconn’s facilities in Taiwan tend to be highly automated, whereas on the mainland they are much more labour intensive.

This intensive labour model, with long working hours and rigid systems, is one of the reasons given for worker unhappiness in southern China.

Taiwan is also trying to woo companies back. Last month it cut business income tax from 25 per cent to 17 per cent, and it is planning to set up several free trade zones for tariff-free imports.

The fallout from the Foxconn crisis continues to mount. There are fears of a domino effect causing serious production disruption in Shenzhen, one of the most heavily industrialised cities in China.

If Foxconn does move its operations back to Taiwan and closes its plant in China, this could cause a disruption in the supply chain. Apple could be facing a short supply of its popular iPhones and iPads down the road. Exactly when this could happen is unknown.

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Are You Lonely? Would You Like A Cease & Desist Letter? Email The CEO of AT&T

A customer of AT&T sent emails to the CEO of the company and received a response that if he did not stop sending emails, he would receive a cease and desist letter. The customer sent two emails in two weeks: one asking that his eligibility date be bumped up on his iPhone and the second outlining his disagreement with AT&T’s new rate plans. He further suggested he would switch to another carrier.

Shame on this person who had the gall to contact the CEO. After all, the CEO of any company is way too busy to respond to a peon’s request to do anything. With the exception of Steve Jobs, no other CEO of any major company would stoop so low as to read any emails from disgruntled customers. Just because someone is dumb enough to sign up for any type of a long range service contract with any phone company, that person should be happy to pay the monthly fee without crying over some minor changes.

You gotta love these big corporations.

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