Google Adds City Tours To Its Bag Of Tricks

It seems that Google is adding more toys to it’s bag of trick introducing City Tours to the masses. This is a definite beta lab test, believe me. I live near Branson, MO and I am familiar with the sights. I took a spin over to Google City Tours and looked for suggested tour locations.

First of all, Branson is not walking friendly country during the summer months. It is to darn hot and muggy in Branson, since the town is located on a lake. The distance between suggested tour sites and what Google Tours suggested was not very realistic. Some of the major attractions were not even mentioned.

This is a lab experiment with plenty of room for improvement and needs more features. But even with these limitations, Google City Tours is fun to play with. May I suggest you give it a try for your home town and see waht you think.

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